Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Far. But still at the venue. Hahahah!

To people who knew me too well, they will tell you that I will never spend for something that lasts for a few hours except if I'm with someone special or I just got a hefty sum of money. It also goes to say that I have never been in a concert before. Of course, Miss Saigon is not counted a concert and well, I got the ticket for free. But when I first heard that Paramore will be performing this March, I don't care if my burgeoning bills will have to wait, because I really have to go there. Even on the farthest seat.

Her tweet says: i just got "lei-d" in manila?

Hayley Williams (Lead Vocals) arrived with the rest of her bandmates, Josh, Jeremy, Zac and Taylor yesterday afternoon. As expected, kind words have been said to our dear Manila again for the warm welcome and the dried mangoes that she enjoyed. Hospitality, something we all can be proud of.

My "devotion" to Hayley started when she first sung Misery Business. I remembered loving the whole girl-rock attitude in her videos. Then they brought out the best in Twilight as they performed Decode and I Caught Myself. Current favorites: The Only Exception (Because it was featured at Gossip Girl) and Brick by Boring Brick.

Last December, during the radio interview that was aired by Magic 89.9, their lead guitarist confirmed that they are indeed going to Manila. Since Shang is a follower, I immediately told her about it and so we both decided to watch them, regardless of our schedule. Fast forward to present day, March 9, 2010, history, as we say it, will never be the same. Ria's first concert, and Paramore's first Philippine concert! I just couldn't wait!

Oh and I got up early this morning. That's how ecstatic I am. Hahahaha! :P

Manila, we will rock tonight! See you Paramore freaks later at Mall of Asia Concert Grounds!

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