Monday, March 08, 2010

after gruesome hours and days of planning and contemplating, putting out magazine clippings, designing your bulletin board with your dream destination, your companions would back out at the last minute and leave just the two of the original planners go to the said trip?


One of the million reasons why were pushing through with the trip :P

Since Mench and I are the only ones to go to Ilocos, might as well spoil ourselves. I need to hit the beach! I wanted to explore new lands. Never mind the 12-hour bus ride, because I know it will be worth it, but we are definitely going there this April. Nothing, and no one can ever stop me. That's how persistent I am.

To think of it, this will be my first trip without a family member or with a boyfriend. I am so excited! Total freedom from almost everyone. And I am assuring myself that this would be my another step to going forward. I.CAN'T.WAIT.

So Ilocos, please wait for me. Please clear your skies when I get there. I wanted the sun to shine and kiss my skin. I wanna bring my backpack and stroll around like Dora the explorer. :P I wanna frolick at the beach and leave all my problems in Manila and just feel like I'm in paradise once we meet at last.

First timer, north bound. Where are the other destinations would you recommend me to go to? Surprise me everyone! :P


Hi Ria! Enjoy Ilocos - must see and do: eat Ilocos empanada and bagnet, walk around Vigan, and visit Pagudpud! :)


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