Friday, March 26, 2010

Crossing the bridge to happiness!

Two earthquakes happened in my life yesterday. One, literally, a magnitude of 6.1, and rocked the heck out of Tektite and the other, figuratively, finalized all my suspicions about the buzz I've been hearing lately.

Well of course, I didnt care anymore. I had enough evidence before it was blurted out to me. And well, I thought I would get so affected, but it didnt. It made me laugh actually, because as I am living my life well today, and happily proud, by the way, somewhere out there, is a miserable prick who deserves every miserable thing that's been going on. Assuming that I was hurt, I'd be happy to tell that I'm not. Because I know what the ending will be, and good karma always prevail if you do good things, as for the latter, well you guessed it, bad karma is on the works.

Speaking of good karma, I am proud to say that I have finally finished the THREE MONTH RULE. I realized that it really works out if you give yourself an ample time to finally heal your heart and open it once again to the deserving ones. No, I'm not yet into a relationship, but the thing with Kyle was too rushed, so it didnt work out. Now with MJ, I definitely feel like a princess. (OMG, I sound like Taylor Swift. ERASE!) But yes, I do love a happily ever after with someone who praises the ground I walk in and tells me to sleep because he's worried I might get late to work, or would volunteer to pick me up at the office and offer to drive me home because MRT and LRT's crowded during rush hour. :P Oh, and wait, ze guy friend has also risen from the ashes for unknown reasons. Miss Cherry keeps on teasing me that I really needed a haircut this summer. LOL. Oh, and by the way, she's already planning my wedding, she's already foreseeing a wedding abroad, with Ecuadorian roses, a gown made by Monique Lhuiller and get married in a castle. Well, good luck with that. Really Miss Che? You have an active imagination there.

Not only was I showered with a blooming love life where I would have to choose who's more deserving, a lot of changes in the workplace is buzzing around too. And I would gladly accept the next step. I wanted to learn more of photography too, but my baby will arrive at October pa, so I guess I just have to ask MJ to teach me how to drive instead. hehehe. :P I have been winning contests too lately. I'm about to pick up my Cosmo Prize again this afternoon, and a trip abroad is definitely oozing.

Now if not for the unbelievable events that happened to me last year, my life wouldnt be this good and exciting. If not for the heartache, then I would still be stuck in a toxic relationship and not find the people who would value you more than the asshole who broke your heart. So even if I am yet to decide who's worthy, I am happy with my life. Come to think of it, my three months of happiness could not compare to the three years I've wasted with someone so not the one.

Just like today, drizzles come and go, but my sun would never refuse to shine! :)

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