Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I never believed in fortune telling back then. In fact, I was against knowing what the future holds for me. Mainly because I was too scared of its outcome or I might disappoint myself in the process if it doesn't happen to me.

I guess I shouldn't have kept my last word about being against it.

Lately, fortune telling comes naturally for me. Not that I begged my way out of it, but I learned to anticipate them since it is a win-win situation for me. After all, what have I got to lose? It's fun, it may be disappointing, but I guess that's life. Whether something good or bad happens, it is still meant to happen, no matter what. After all, only you can shape your universe. And you have to be responsible of yourself.


When I attended the Belle De Jour Fair last October, the my tarot card says ex and I wouldn't work out anymore, I will meet a settled guy, promotions are not yet possible during 2010 but a lot of travel opportunities are in store for me. Look where it got me now? Settled guy, still not here. :P

And if that doesn't seem freakish enough, my tarot cards last Chinese New Year's Eve says I haven't found someone yet because its natural for me to feel so difficult in moving forward, my current problem is in terms of finances because I have too many bills to pay, I'm happy with my current job but I feel as if I needed to do more, my family gives me tons of advice but I seem to snap out of it because I'm really hard-headed and I will meet someone, but its as if he would find it rather difficult because I have high standards in a relationship. Great.

That, I just had to agree. Because its so transparent already.


This, I just had to believe. I would love to tell what they said about me here, but they're kind of personal. Let's just say that the two of the people Ive consulted with brought me hard hitting facts about my life and summarized everything that happened the past year. That their guidance helped me think about a lot of things and the game plan for this and the succeeding year. One of them gave me a paper and asked me to burn it tonight. He said that all the hurt was written in that paper and I should let it flame so that it could lighten my heart. For a solid second, I think it worked. And maybe, it'll work for a long time.

Chances are, good things, no, great things will definitely come my way. I may have to wait for now, but then again, it is the only thing worth looking forward to, so I'm good with that.

How about you? Do you believe in fortune telling? Or "what you do not know wont hurt you" is still your favorite passage?

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