Friday, January 22, 2010

Love, Love, Life!

My newly found freedom is taking heights!

I've always hated being single. I've always thought everything should come in pairs. Like shoes for example. I feel as if you couldn't walk without the other one. And because Ive been in a long term relationship, being single is something new to me again.

I have dreaded day one of being alone. After the used tissues and ice cream cravings, I had to put everything in order again. I had to live and let go. I managed to get him out of my system, pack his letters, stuffed toys and books that he gave me and all the things that reminded me of him. I even deleted his photos from my phone and online accounts. I had to start anew. And de-cluttering will help me to move forward and up.

Dating has been fun. But it also helped me realize that I now know what I want in a guy. I now know who's worthy to chase or not. I am aware of the signs now. And I try not be naive when I meet someone new. At least, that's an improvement. :)


My friends and I are going on a road trip!

It would materialize on April. I just can't wait to be with these people. I've been with Mench everyday and Chie, once, but this trip is completely different. Since we haven't been together for a long time, this is our chance to bond, to think and to have lots of fun. I'm just excited about the fact that I get to travel alone this time. Not alone, by myself, but without someone who would monitor my every move, a.k.a., a BOYFRIEND.

Since everyone wants to have the adventure of their lives, we will go to Ilocos! This will definitely be a riot since we are going to have a very long journey. But it will be worth it. I can't wait already.


I have been grateful for continuously moving forward.

God has always shielded me from pain, and today, I found out that I was better off without that certain someone. That maybe someday, someone will be great enough for me. That I shouldn't rush things now because, hey, I'm not in a hurry to die anyway. So its better to take things one day at a time. Who knows, life might even surprise me with its little wonders. :)

This is just me. But I'm hoping to tell everyone that I forgive him someday. Not now, or it might take me a long while, but I will, because I needed to have a well-spent life someday and I needed to forgive so I wouldn't hold a grudge in my heart forever.

And when that day comes, I'd be more than willing to celebrate.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Umaga na Pala?

I'm not yet sleepy. :(

I got my much needed rest at our house at Novaliches this weekend so I'm still up and running. Let me add the fact that Vodka+Gatorade+Sprite+Cocktail isn't helping to make me sleepy. It just made me a bit dizzy but giddy when I talked to McDreamy on the phone earlier. He didn't come to Shang's house, which made me feel sad because I've been waiting for him all week. Yeah, I'm THAT eager. :P

My friends are urging me to re-open my Facebook. The camwhores that they are, are demanding for their pictures. I said, there's still Multiply, but as expected, they are excusing themselves again for the tedious stuff. I said they didn't have to open an account here, but again, they want me to Tag them instead. Haay.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to face it again. I'm not sure if I should be visible again. I said I will be back when I'm all sewn up, and I think I am, but the fact that being invisible for a while helped me get back on the track, in terms of my work, my personal life, my "so-called" love/dating life, etc. My friends have also been plotting out guys whom they want me to meet so my Valentine's Day wouldn't be so cold.

But I'm happy now. I'm losing weight (reference to Jenny, Miss Che, Milan, our trainor, and my Mom). My Mom said that "Mas mabuti palang wala kang boyfriend eh, pumapayat ka". Fair enough. Hahahah! :P. I'm doing nicely at work, I have numerous jobs which I enjoy now, I can walk around Ortigas and fish for you know, I'm meeting my old friends, plus, I now have time for myself, and my exciting summer plans. :) So yeah, I guess I am finally out of the depressed state. Yay!

Okay, so its 1:45 and I'm still up. Coffee will definitely not help. Guess I have to read Dear John for awhile until I'm knocked down.

Goodnight guise! :P

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Paano na kaya?

Bogs tayo na lang, akin ka nalang..

I'm such a sucker for love stories. And now, I wanna see Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson's new movie. Hahaha. Okay, affected much? I don't know, i just feel for the characters. And ive been in a situation where I wished this guy friend would look at me. Oh well, let's see what happens next. I just hope that this time, hindi na lang friends ang tingin niya samin. And that effing spark would flare up already! hahahah! :P

I'm at Nova today,with limited internet access, but i managed to watch three movies,go to SM fairview, start my therapy, read Dear John, and by tomorrow, i would get to see Shang and the rest of my Xzeno love.ü i just wish Mcdreamy's there.

Have to sleep now. Yeah,its early pa. Bahala na nga muna.hehe. Bye y'all!ü

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

See you in October...

My Dad is leaving again. :(

That's just the way it is. hehehe. My social life is poofing into thin air. But I'm keeping my summer trips. Theyre the only ones who are keeping me sane right now, so yeah, I'm going. My Mom has to cancel her itineraries of me being with her. hahahah!

And this one's different because my Dad's boarding a large ship again. Meaning, the two month trips that he has been formerly taking and us getting used to isnt possible anymore. He will be gone in nine months. Sad, sad.

But the good part is, he has already asked about my "future baby" that I have been drooling for years. After all, he's been generous whenever we ask for something.

My multiply is my dream board. hahahah! :P I know Ozzy will happen this October. Yeah, I'm claiming and naming it already. I so so wish. It'll be like a late birthday gift. Quarter-birthday na eh. So I have to level because were cool like that. LOL.


I just found out that the slot for the Corporate Communications Officer as my former company has been filled out. Meaning, they are looking for another CCO. Okay, I felt sad. Because if I were still there, I couldve grabbed the opportunity. But hey, no regrets right? I love my work now. Its just that the figures that Miss Che told me about the specific job can already afford me a great future. hehehe. Oh well, in a few months Ri, in a few months more. :)

Have to go for now. Too much work is bad for me. Hahaha. Thank God we only had one ocular today or my energy's all worked up again. Later! :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Theyre Missing Me at Facebook :)

My silence at FB is deafening. Well at least they all noticed. hahahahah!

First of all friends, your eyes are not deceiving you. There's no need to go push the search button either. Yes, I am missing at Facebook. I have for about fifteen days. Guys, its just fifteen days and youre looking for me already? hehehhe. Kidding. :)

Its not a drama thing. Nor do I wish to be reported. I just needed this. I needed the hiatus because its breaking me apart. Its giving me headaches and I can't have anymore headaches especially when I'm moving forward. I woke up one morning and realized that the bubbly Ria isn't there anymore. The real reason I joined FB is to share my happiness, not the emo-ness. And I'd rather not see the unnecessary stuff that people are doing because its slowing down the process. Right?!?

I might be back someday. But not for now. I'm okay now, but I'm used to not opening it for now. Walang stress! hahahaha :P


I'm changing pace from now on. I'm so excited with the changes. Wow abundance! hehehehe. :P Yes, I am positive about these things now because it will define how I'm gonna be in the next months or years. There's always a reason why these things have to happen, and Im just going with the far better things and leaving the past behind.

And when someone pisses me off, just like Sir Pido said, tell them, "Sooooo?". That will definitely not burst my bubble anymore.

Because I'm cool like that now. hahahaha! :P

Have to go. Later na lang. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Twilight Zone

I am back on the dating game.

Well, at least for about 24 hours ago. hehehehehehe.

It just feels funny to meet with a total stranger. Well, he is a total stranger because Ive only known him three days ago during the event, but it is different when you get to spend the time together, just the two of you.

When we went to WOW Abundance talk during our company's plans, Sir Pido said that "Everyone is for you, everything is for you". You do not meet people by chance. They were there for you to see the different horizons. You meet people, good or bad, so you could learn how to grow.

I met XY by fate. And I think I met him for God to tell me to slow down but move forward.

Miss Rose said, "there are many fishes in the ocean". I told her, "XY is a guppy. I have yet to catch the rarest fish in the water."

Back to the date, I had a good time. I loved Sherlock Holmes. :P I missed being so awkward to be with someone outside, or bumping into someone you know and introduce him as a date or something. I missed dressing up and meeting someone at a specific time and be fashionably late and so. And I missed the feeling of enjoying the day and getting home thinking of first impressions.

Moving forward, I can't wait for next week. I'm about to see McDreamy again. I'm not sure how much he has changed, but I'm ecstatic to find out. Let's see how I'll try to push the fast forward button to Sunday. hahahahaha.

Now I think its time to buy new shoes. Ta Ta everyone! :)

Friday, January 08, 2010

Lock the Door When You Leave.

I hope I could tell XY how I really feel. Its just that I needed someone to rely on right now. Someone who understands that I wanna bash someone's head or teach me to target shoot this person. I need that badly. But the thing is, XY is such a baby sometimes, though laughing just seems so easy and I know I can count on this person.

XY came when I least expected it. Never a dull moment. For three days. Its like exploring a strange land and you at least feel like its home. Malyn said that she has never seen me laugh like I did today. How my tone seems coquettish and bubbly. Its like everything is light now. That I may not yet forgive and forget, but I at least erased the bad parts and turned it into something bright and cheerful again. And XY was a part of it. At least XY got to see the girl who lived. I just feel sorry for ze guy friend because he had to witness my pain. But I guess the snippets are now at the few inches of my locks that I had cut off a while ago.

Someone told me he's sorry today. But I didnt give a damn. CIiche, but I guess I woke up one day and realized what I wasnt sure of him. Yep. 500 Days of Summer. Only it was 1,305 or so days when I realized it. It was a dream. But here is my reality now.

Come to think of it, I met really cool people in the process. My heart is slowly beating again. It may not be because of a guy, but the people who stayed. And the people who came, and took the risk of winning you for real. I may not know how it will slowly unfold, but my new chapter begins tomorrow. And Ive never been so ecstatic to do it over again. If it really is meant to happen.

Good times are coming my way. And I know it will stay. :) Happy weekend everyone! :)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Jumpstarting the Year

Its the first workday, and I'm not late! Yay! See, I told you, this is gonna be a good year for me. My first day has worked its magic. :) It has been smooth sailing actually. I didn't have a problem with the suppliers, the units for the display have been punctual (well except for this one brand who has gate pass issues) and I had a sign on who will be the next person to come into my life. Or to come back in my life. LOL.

And the first days of January has been good to me. Very good, in fact to make me smile this wide ^_____________________^

Leighton as Cosmo's January Cover girl!

Yup, my Queen B, my rock star graced the pages of Cosmo! :) Now I just have to make sure to buy a copy this week. I was about to buy the American version which was put up as sale last week at MOA, but this is much much better.

I cannot wait for January 14 already! Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy are at it again. Oh, and what happened to Mark Sloane and Addison again? And I'm so smitten by Derek and Meredith. At least I can fathom love through them. As least for now.

So all I have to do is wait for the 17th. :) He has to be there. And even if I have to go home early from joining my Mom from Nova to go to Shang's, I definitely would. *chuckles*. McDreamy will be waiting for me. Hahahaha!


Day Two of the car display tomorrow. Goodluck Ria, the venue will be packed tomorrow due to Ampatuan's hearing. But that doesn't really have to burst my bubble. Aja! :P

Signing off for now. My bed's calling me now. Nightnight sweeties. :)

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Searching for the Happy Pill :)

My happy drink was brought out by my brother last night. He said he wanted to intoxicate me with alcohol so I could finally tell the parents the real reason why Ive been sulking for so long. And because they didn't know what happened before it, Shang and him got me drunk. So after a dozen heartbreaking songs at the videoke (i.e. Last Christmas, I Never Really Loved You Anyway, I Will Survive), they said that I started blurting out at the mic about the horse, how he left me and ran away with the horse, and all the horsing stuff.

Let us also mind the fact that I was jonesing over my crush. That he will be a better man than the ex and how he wanted to buy a house already and my tarot card reader from the BDJ Fair told me that I'm gonna meet a guy who's ready to settle down. ^_________^

Shang was at my rescue too. Although she keeps on pouring drinks to my glass, she made me shut up on the way home. hahahahah! My brother got mad because I was talking nonstop. And I keep on shouting for "BOK" to save me from my loneliness. Yeah whatever.


This afternoon, Malyn and I watched Paranormal Activity and G-Force. Yeah, loser. :P

Paranormal Activity was a bit freaky but was so bitin. I mean, for someone who has been possessed by a demonic whatever, Katie was killed by a single bullet. I felt sorry for Micah because even though he deserves to get stabbed by Katie and her demonic friend in her head for being a total asshole to Katie, at least he stayed by her side.

G-Force was a riot. Now I know why it topped higher than Harry Potter on the second week. hahahah. :P

Shang wanted me to watch How I Met Your Mother. But how am I supposed to do that when my DVDs are with him? Oh well, guess I have to go to Quiapo next weekend. Maybe I can get Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives too. But I'm not sure what episodes are they airing now. hehehe.


Anyhoo, I'm just enjoying the remains of my vacation home. I'm gonna be busy again next week with the Car Display and all. After Crame, BAGUIO baby! :) Then hopefully the Cebu, Bacolod, Davao and CDO might push through. Plus my Ilocos thingie. :P And dad promised a HK trip late this year.

2010 will be a blast. I just know it will! :) Ciao everyone! :)


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