Monday, January 04, 2010

Its the first workday, and I'm not late! Yay! See, I told you, this is gonna be a good year for me. My first day has worked its magic. :) It has been smooth sailing actually. I didn't have a problem with the suppliers, the units for the display have been punctual (well except for this one brand who has gate pass issues) and I had a sign on who will be the next person to come into my life. Or to come back in my life. LOL.

And the first days of January has been good to me. Very good, in fact to make me smile this wide ^_____________________^

Leighton as Cosmo's January Cover girl!

Yup, my Queen B, my rock star graced the pages of Cosmo! :) Now I just have to make sure to buy a copy this week. I was about to buy the American version which was put up as sale last week at MOA, but this is much much better.

I cannot wait for January 14 already! Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy are at it again. Oh, and what happened to Mark Sloane and Addison again? And I'm so smitten by Derek and Meredith. At least I can fathom love through them. As least for now.

So all I have to do is wait for the 17th. :) He has to be there. And even if I have to go home early from joining my Mom from Nova to go to Shang's, I definitely would. *chuckles*. McDreamy will be waiting for me. Hahahaha!


Day Two of the car display tomorrow. Goodluck Ria, the venue will be packed tomorrow due to Ampatuan's hearing. But that doesn't really have to burst my bubble. Aja! :P

Signing off for now. My bed's calling me now. Nightnight sweeties. :)

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