Friday, January 08, 2010

I hope I could tell XY how I really feel. Its just that I needed someone to rely on right now. Someone who understands that I wanna bash someone's head or teach me to target shoot this person. I need that badly. But the thing is, XY is such a baby sometimes, though laughing just seems so easy and I know I can count on this person.

XY came when I least expected it. Never a dull moment. For three days. Its like exploring a strange land and you at least feel like its home. Malyn said that she has never seen me laugh like I did today. How my tone seems coquettish and bubbly. Its like everything is light now. That I may not yet forgive and forget, but I at least erased the bad parts and turned it into something bright and cheerful again. And XY was a part of it. At least XY got to see the girl who lived. I just feel sorry for ze guy friend because he had to witness my pain. But I guess the snippets are now at the few inches of my locks that I had cut off a while ago.

Someone told me he's sorry today. But I didnt give a damn. CIiche, but I guess I woke up one day and realized what I wasnt sure of him. Yep. 500 Days of Summer. Only it was 1,305 or so days when I realized it. It was a dream. But here is my reality now.

Come to think of it, I met really cool people in the process. My heart is slowly beating again. It may not be because of a guy, but the people who stayed. And the people who came, and took the risk of winning you for real. I may not know how it will slowly unfold, but my new chapter begins tomorrow. And Ive never been so ecstatic to do it over again. If it really is meant to happen.

Good times are coming my way. And I know it will stay. :) Happy weekend everyone! :)

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