Sunday, January 10, 2010

I am back on the dating game.

Well, at least for about 24 hours ago. hehehehehehe.

It just feels funny to meet with a total stranger. Well, he is a total stranger because Ive only known him three days ago during the event, but it is different when you get to spend the time together, just the two of you.

When we went to WOW Abundance talk during our company's plans, Sir Pido said that "Everyone is for you, everything is for you". You do not meet people by chance. They were there for you to see the different horizons. You meet people, good or bad, so you could learn how to grow.

I met XY by fate. And I think I met him for God to tell me to slow down but move forward.

Miss Rose said, "there are many fishes in the ocean". I told her, "XY is a guppy. I have yet to catch the rarest fish in the water."

Back to the date, I had a good time. I loved Sherlock Holmes. :P I missed being so awkward to be with someone outside, or bumping into someone you know and introduce him as a date or something. I missed dressing up and meeting someone at a specific time and be fashionably late and so. And I missed the feeling of enjoying the day and getting home thinking of first impressions.

Moving forward, I can't wait for next week. I'm about to see McDreamy again. I'm not sure how much he has changed, but I'm ecstatic to find out. Let's see how I'll try to push the fast forward button to Sunday. hahahahaha.

Now I think its time to buy new shoes. Ta Ta everyone! :)

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