Monday, January 11, 2010

My silence at FB is deafening. Well at least they all noticed. hahahahah!

First of all friends, your eyes are not deceiving you. There's no need to go push the search button either. Yes, I am missing at Facebook. I have for about fifteen days. Guys, its just fifteen days and youre looking for me already? hehehhe. Kidding. :)

Its not a drama thing. Nor do I wish to be reported. I just needed this. I needed the hiatus because its breaking me apart. Its giving me headaches and I can't have anymore headaches especially when I'm moving forward. I woke up one morning and realized that the bubbly Ria isn't there anymore. The real reason I joined FB is to share my happiness, not the emo-ness. And I'd rather not see the unnecessary stuff that people are doing because its slowing down the process. Right?!?

I might be back someday. But not for now. I'm okay now, but I'm used to not opening it for now. Walang stress! hahahaha :P


I'm changing pace from now on. I'm so excited with the changes. Wow abundance! hehehehe. :P Yes, I am positive about these things now because it will define how I'm gonna be in the next months or years. There's always a reason why these things have to happen, and Im just going with the far better things and leaving the past behind.

And when someone pisses me off, just like Sir Pido said, tell them, "Sooooo?". That will definitely not burst my bubble anymore.

Because I'm cool like that now. hahahaha! :P

Have to go. Later na lang. :)

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