Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Dad is leaving again. :(

That's just the way it is. hehehe. My social life is poofing into thin air. But I'm keeping my summer trips. Theyre the only ones who are keeping me sane right now, so yeah, I'm going. My Mom has to cancel her itineraries of me being with her. hahahah!

And this one's different because my Dad's boarding a large ship again. Meaning, the two month trips that he has been formerly taking and us getting used to isnt possible anymore. He will be gone in nine months. Sad, sad.

But the good part is, he has already asked about my "future baby" that I have been drooling for years. After all, he's been generous whenever we ask for something.

My multiply is my dream board. hahahah! :P I know Ozzy will happen this October. Yeah, I'm claiming and naming it already. I so so wish. It'll be like a late birthday gift. Quarter-birthday na eh. So I have to level because were cool like that. LOL.


I just found out that the slot for the Corporate Communications Officer as my former company has been filled out. Meaning, they are looking for another CCO. Okay, I felt sad. Because if I were still there, I couldve grabbed the opportunity. But hey, no regrets right? I love my work now. Its just that the figures that Miss Che told me about the specific job can already afford me a great future. hehehe. Oh well, in a few months Ri, in a few months more. :)

Have to go for now. Too much work is bad for me. Hahaha. Thank God we only had one ocular today or my energy's all worked up again. Later! :)

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