Saturday, January 02, 2010

My happy drink was brought out by my brother last night. He said he wanted to intoxicate me with alcohol so I could finally tell the parents the real reason why Ive been sulking for so long. And because they didn't know what happened before it, Shang and him got me drunk. So after a dozen heartbreaking songs at the videoke (i.e. Last Christmas, I Never Really Loved You Anyway, I Will Survive), they said that I started blurting out at the mic about the horse, how he left me and ran away with the horse, and all the horsing stuff.

Let us also mind the fact that I was jonesing over my crush. That he will be a better man than the ex and how he wanted to buy a house already and my tarot card reader from the BDJ Fair told me that I'm gonna meet a guy who's ready to settle down. ^_________^

Shang was at my rescue too. Although she keeps on pouring drinks to my glass, she made me shut up on the way home. hahahahah! My brother got mad because I was talking nonstop. And I keep on shouting for "BOK" to save me from my loneliness. Yeah whatever.


This afternoon, Malyn and I watched Paranormal Activity and G-Force. Yeah, loser. :P

Paranormal Activity was a bit freaky but was so bitin. I mean, for someone who has been possessed by a demonic whatever, Katie was killed by a single bullet. I felt sorry for Micah because even though he deserves to get stabbed by Katie and her demonic friend in her head for being a total asshole to Katie, at least he stayed by her side.

G-Force was a riot. Now I know why it topped higher than Harry Potter on the second week. hahahah. :P

Shang wanted me to watch How I Met Your Mother. But how am I supposed to do that when my DVDs are with him? Oh well, guess I have to go to Quiapo next weekend. Maybe I can get Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives too. But I'm not sure what episodes are they airing now. hehehe.


Anyhoo, I'm just enjoying the remains of my vacation home. I'm gonna be busy again next week with the Car Display and all. After Crame, BAGUIO baby! :) Then hopefully the Cebu, Bacolod, Davao and CDO might push through. Plus my Ilocos thingie. :P And dad promised a HK trip late this year.

2010 will be a blast. I just know it will! :) Ciao everyone! :)

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