Thursday, December 31, 2009

To my readers, pardon the crazy bitch who posted her comment on my previous blog. Im not sure if she has lunacy issues, but that wouldnt have to spoil my New Year's Day, dont you think?

But before 2009 ends, I have to do the rundown of the year that was. The year that was so effed up. I think, this will be the last time I will look back and promise never to turn around anymore. After all, a New Year counts for a new beginning. :)

- January, we hoped to have a better year for us. To stop our fights, and be better individuals again. My Ate Lory got married with Kuya Kent so the whole family went to Iloilo after New Year's Day. Finally met KC, my niece, whom I havent seen for years. Covered the Fortune CARE-Supreme Court contract signing. Got active with the company's website.

- February, was my first time to step on Mindanao soil. Went to Davao with the ex and Jon and stayed with the Isidro Family. They caught me a starfish, which I brought home, attended the Panagbenga Festival at Baguio with Mom and Dad, discovered the Tam-awan Village, spent my last Valentine's day with him and the last with the CCD Team.

-March, I looked for a car for the ex and named it, attended Nina and Deo's wedding, resigned at Fortune CARE, Ninang Winnie visited the Philippines with her whole family, night out to Serendra.

- April, went to Seaside and a comedy bar with Mom's college friends, attended the last Auto Show with him and the ex's dad at World Trade, went to Punta Fuego, Sir Melan passed the Bar exams, spent my last month at Fortune CARE and transferred to RCBC Savings, staged my first car display at Cavite, went on an outing with my CCD Family at Antipolo.

- May, Andi turned one, jogged at Ultra and saw Rovilson. :P, Avi turned three, participated at the CosmoYouniverse, celebrated the last anniversary, Kstin went home from the States, night out at The Fort but didnt even got to party at Embassy (LOL) because of different issues, Maro, my HS bff gave birth to Gabby, attended the Makati Day Parade,

- June, Lola Elba died, met Lea Sophia, Len's daughter, participated in the Ako Mismo advocacy, got so busy with the Two Way Giveaway Shoot, Tito Rodel passed away.

- July, my first time in Eastwood, got to be the ninang of my two bff's babies, Mico and Sophie visited from Cebu, Harru Potter and the Half Blood Prince was shown, BDJ Rendezvous

- August, Tito Rodel's 40th day, Car display at Eastwood via eurofest, reunion with Karch and Jops

- September, my 24th birthday, the sucky breakup, did the Lipa Car Display and spent 4 days there, went to the Manila Intl Book Fair alone, RSB's 13th Anniversary, Dad got home again, the Ondoy tragedy.

- October, did the event for the Housing Brokers, RSB unveiled the RSB Corporate Center and attended the groundbreaking ceremonies, joined Miss Che and friends to the gym, went to the Samsung Corby launch with Jet and Karch and saw their potential :P, AUTOBERFEST!!!!, BDJ Fair.

- November, went to Nasugbu to attend the RCBC RBG Planning, stopover at Caleruega, BONUS galore!!, this time, I thought of myself first than my feelings, reunited with Ryan after three years, met up Eden and Shang more often and met Ted, Shang's pet. LOL, nursed a broken heart, ex came back for unknown reasons, met Chie in flesh, went to the Manila Auto Salon, Maguindanao Massacre

- December, went to FC to celebrate MST's birthday, Mom and Dad's Silver Anniversary, joined an outreach program for my exchange gift baby's request, first Christmas with the RSB family, FIRST SUCKY CHRISTMAS, got dumped, lied, cheated at, AGAIN, finally met up with Bessie Jonnah after two years, Mench and I went to the Meralco Christmas Village

Pretty much sums up everything. 2009 has been a roller coaster ride. As I move forward, these memories, good and bad, I will cherish, but will be put into the past for now. After all, the new year ahead hopes to bring a fresh start for those who thrive to have one. And tomorrow promises a great future. Because I always believed that those who went through so much pain, will be rewarded to go up because they deserve it.

Happy New Year Everyone! Never lose hope :)

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