Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm not yet sleepy. :(

I got my much needed rest at our house at Novaliches this weekend so I'm still up and running. Let me add the fact that Vodka+Gatorade+Sprite+Cocktail isn't helping to make me sleepy. It just made me a bit dizzy but giddy when I talked to McDreamy on the phone earlier. He didn't come to Shang's house, which made me feel sad because I've been waiting for him all week. Yeah, I'm THAT eager. :P

My friends are urging me to re-open my Facebook. The camwhores that they are, are demanding for their pictures. I said, there's still Multiply, but as expected, they are excusing themselves again for the tedious stuff. I said they didn't have to open an account here, but again, they want me to Tag them instead. Haay.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to face it again. I'm not sure if I should be visible again. I said I will be back when I'm all sewn up, and I think I am, but the fact that being invisible for a while helped me get back on the track, in terms of my work, my personal life, my "so-called" love/dating life, etc. My friends have also been plotting out guys whom they want me to meet so my Valentine's Day wouldn't be so cold.

But I'm happy now. I'm losing weight (reference to Jenny, Miss Che, Milan, our trainor, and my Mom). My Mom said that "Mas mabuti palang wala kang boyfriend eh, pumapayat ka". Fair enough. Hahahah! :P. I'm doing nicely at work, I have numerous jobs which I enjoy now, I can walk around Ortigas and fish for you know, I'm meeting my old friends, plus, I now have time for myself, and my exciting summer plans. :) So yeah, I guess I am finally out of the depressed state. Yay!

Okay, so its 1:45 and I'm still up. Coffee will definitely not help. Guess I have to read Dear John for awhile until I'm knocked down.

Goodnight guise! :P

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