Friday, January 22, 2010

My newly found freedom is taking heights!

I've always hated being single. I've always thought everything should come in pairs. Like shoes for example. I feel as if you couldn't walk without the other one. And because Ive been in a long term relationship, being single is something new to me again.

I have dreaded day one of being alone. After the used tissues and ice cream cravings, I had to put everything in order again. I had to live and let go. I managed to get him out of my system, pack his letters, stuffed toys and books that he gave me and all the things that reminded me of him. I even deleted his photos from my phone and online accounts. I had to start anew. And de-cluttering will help me to move forward and up.

Dating has been fun. But it also helped me realize that I now know what I want in a guy. I now know who's worthy to chase or not. I am aware of the signs now. And I try not be naive when I meet someone new. At least, that's an improvement. :)


My friends and I are going on a road trip!

It would materialize on April. I just can't wait to be with these people. I've been with Mench everyday and Chie, once, but this trip is completely different. Since we haven't been together for a long time, this is our chance to bond, to think and to have lots of fun. I'm just excited about the fact that I get to travel alone this time. Not alone, by myself, but without someone who would monitor my every move, a.k.a., a BOYFRIEND.

Since everyone wants to have the adventure of their lives, we will go to Ilocos! This will definitely be a riot since we are going to have a very long journey. But it will be worth it. I can't wait already.


I have been grateful for continuously moving forward.

God has always shielded me from pain, and today, I found out that I was better off without that certain someone. That maybe someday, someone will be great enough for me. That I shouldn't rush things now because, hey, I'm not in a hurry to die anyway. So its better to take things one day at a time. Who knows, life might even surprise me with its little wonders. :)

This is just me. But I'm hoping to tell everyone that I forgive him someday. Not now, or it might take me a long while, but I will, because I needed to have a well-spent life someday and I needed to forgive so I wouldn't hold a grudge in my heart forever.

And when that day comes, I'd be more than willing to celebrate.

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