Friday, November 28, 2008

New Blog Layouts

In celebration of the Twilight movie (and yes, Rob Pattinson too! :D), I tweaked my favorite Twilight picture and made myself a new multiply layout. Oh, and I also saw a pink twilight layout for my blogspot. I know, I'm obsessed. I just cant get enough of it. Suddenly, I felt so high school again. haha.

..and it felt so long since I had new layouts. So, I'm really psyched for my babies.. :D


Anyhoo, Brent texted me earlier if I would greet (her). I'm really not sure if that would be the best thing. Not that I wanna punish her or anything, but she has lot of learning to do. That we are not living in high school anymore and you cannot just push your best friend for every scheming thing you wanna do.

And all I need is one word. One word to make it all right. Yun lang eh.


My leave has been approved already! Yay! Mom, Dad, Lester and I will be going to Iloilo this January to attend my cousin's wedding, and eventually unwind a bit. The return of my normalcy! hehehehe. I mean, going around places and having long weekends. :D

Now I just have to convince them places to go to. Meaning, if there is something new in Iloilo. The last time we went there, we went to Miag-Ao. And I felt proud because it is one of our country's heritage. But we dint get the chance to go inside (because its a weekday). Sad.

..So I'm determined to make this trip worthwhile, even if we have to trotter around it for a limited time.


Excuse me while I have to make an announcement:


Are we getting dull already? PM me, text me or call me whether you wanna see each other this December (before or after Christmas). Figured that we haven't got the chance to be together again, SO WE REALLY NEED THIS ONE. I'm trying Shang to volunteer her house so we could hold the party there, and the rest, bring booze, bring food and bring your most gorgeous self. :D


That's all.

Gotta go! :D

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I hate snobs. Sobra.

As if its not annoying enough, but Im through. I tried everything to reach out to you. But as far as Im concerned, you do not give a damn. And now, so do I. Continue doing your games, but I DONT EFFING CARE.

And in any way, hindi naman ako nawalan. So Ciao!


One more day to go, TWILIGHT na! But I wouldnt be able to watch tomorrow because he has work. Saaad. But Im cool with it. After all, I just waited for it for a month lang naman. hahaha. Unlike Harry Potter, which I have been waiting for a year already, and Im still waiting. But of course, let's not dismiss the fact that one of the reasons Im going to watch the movie is because of Robert Pattinson. Second nalang dun yung ploit itself. haha.

So, I guess I'll be seeing it on Sunday or Monday, whichever day my Mom lets me come out and play. lol. Which I know, I'd still have to beg of her because when my Dad comes home again, she couldnt drag me to Nova anymore, thank you very much, but it'll last for at least a month only.

...And I have to wait again until my brother's schedule clears up.

Yun lang. Have to go. Nag-eenjoy na naman ako mag-dl. haha. Byers! :D

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Month Older and Hopefully Wiser..


Were nearly getting off the calendar, but it only means one thing. We are becoming stronger than ever. :D Yay! This month, we discovered that no matter how much space we could get out of, we still find ways to be back into each other. That being apart means a bit impossible for us. We had the most terrible fights, but made us love each other more. And that nothing could ever tear us, no matter how strong a wind tries to tumble us. You are my truest sense of home. :D Love you so so much!


Enough being cheesy, I am up for a boring weekend up the mountains. Kidding. Everyone knows I couldnt hike, much more to save myself. Im just going to Nova (again) for the weekends. No computers, Mom uses her laptop for games, no internet connection, Im up to watch Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 and Mamma Mia on DVD. Yes, for me to keep my sanity.

Not that I so hate it that much. Im just weirded by not going out with my friends on weekends. But since my family is there, I guess I have to make up for it. My only consolation, thank you very much.


Twilight fever is on States right now. sad.

Shempre, its November 21 there na. While here, it'll be shown on the 26th pa. Have to buy tickets na yata. Or it'll be too late for us to watch it. There's so much Edward-Bella fans pa naman.

..Wonder if it'll be shown in IMAX? That I'll have to research..NOW.

..Okay my time is up. No Twilight in IMAX. Sad.

Sureseats.. Have to ask my Mom yet. because I intend to watch on a weekend. :P


Gotta go make the most of this Friday. Hugs! :D

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh Chucker..

It is only now that I can see a true person in Chuck Bass. Finally! I loved how he had butterflies in stomach and telling Blair that he has feelings for her. But now, I was thumbs up for him and Nate. For them being true friends. Something so unusual for his Gossip Girl character.

.. Oh and I loved how they make them more humane in the series than in books. I dont know, its just that sometimes, I wanted to kill Cecily von Ziesegar's characters, Chuck and Jenny. haha.


Christmas is so around the corner. Mom and I have already put up decorations at our house at Novaliches. And we changed decoration colors. We had orange last year, and now we've bought pink tree balls, flowers and stuff. And I enjoyed it that much. hahaha.

On the other hand, I can also already feel Christmas at the office. They have put up a huge Christmas Tree at the Ground Floor for the building decorations and another Christmas tree at the lobby. Kat and I couldnt even resist taking pictures of ourselves in fromt of it. haha.


Now my dilemma, is how the hell am I going with my family to my Ate Lory's Wedding. I dont wanna be stuck home while theyre having the lime of their lives with our relatives. I have to plan early or no biscochos and pinasugbos for my friends. :D

Have to go. Have some more thinking to do. :D

Monday, November 17, 2008

Natotoxic Ako!?!

Brent, Hon and I went to Divisoria yesterday. Was a fun day mostly for both of them, because they bought what they wanted. For Brent, his "outrageous outfit" for his company's Christmas Party, and Hon, his sweatshirt. As for me, Ive scoured my Christmas Party costume parts. hahah. Parts because I had the shocking pink tights last Friday with Lhalha at St. Francis Square already. I just have to stand the competition. LOL.

Ive finally finished my two new Gossip Girl books. I just cant get enough of them! :D Though, Ive scored a great find last Saturday by buying Nights in Rodanthe for only 200pesos. I so love sales! :D


Miss Ivy, our former Supervisor, came to work with us again. And Ive never been happier. I dont know, maybe the fact that were getting bigger again made me that excited. And she's one of the closest people I know.

And we're all excited on the coming early-CCD Xmas party at Enchanted Kingdom. I know, its childish, but its the little things that perks us up. Also the idea of going to Davao. I cant wait!!! Okay, I sound like a cheerleader already. haha.


Gotta go. XOXO

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Er..okay. I was Bitten

I joined one of Twilight groups in multiply and was overwhelmed with the number of merchandise they're selling. Twilight tumblers, shirts, mousepad, pins, caps, bags, SHOES!, and even perfumes. That was so totally unexpected. haha. So while at it, why not indulge eventually. lol. Oh, and I'm loving this picture. Bella is so hot! :D

(credits to EW for this photo)

Am not actually a big Bella supporter, but I really liked this photo. She even looks like a vampire here already. :D Buzz came out that the movie will be shown on November 26 instead of November 21. Wow Pilipinas. You really got me craving there. Oh well, like I can do something about it. hahaha.

(Hot guy, HOT ride. What more can you ever ask for?)

But I disagree with the people who hated Breaking Dawn. I know, its too fairy tale-y and all but younger generations are reading the book. Of course, it MUST appeal to its viewers.

I wanna change my layout from Queen B to to Bella and Edward. Oh, Lord, just please let me have the time. :D

Okay, I have to stop talking about Twilight already. Its getting me worked up again. :D


I have three articles due. Happy Happy Happy! No, not so happy about the loads of work, but happy to have lots to publish. Its an ULTIMATE dream for me. harhar.

I just have to finish them all today. Aww, I wish.


I have to go.




Friday, November 07, 2008

There Couldnt Be Two Queen Bees..

I'm so wishing that this will go out of my mind already. I know, its been bugging me for weeks, but still, I dont wanna wave the white flag. Sorry will not come from me. Friendship is so overrated. Maybe one of the toxic friends Ive been talking about is her. Im not sure.

Im past being immature. She says I'm not a good friend because I refused to do what she wanted me to do. For what? Is our friendship even worth that favor? And besides, Im not the one responsible for her actions, I didnt push her to play with this certain person. So why am I getting blamed?

And the worst part of it all? I dont have to prove my loyalty to a person. I think that I have been beyond loyalty issues already. Were in our twenties, for God's sake. Were not even in Elementary where one steals another bestfriend or gets mad at the other because he/she has been a much greater friend. Because really, that one is immature and selfish.

So this will be my last piece. Go to your toxic friends, if youre really so into them. I dont care. I dont want to care anymore. Just like Serena said, " I have been bending over backwards so I dont outshine you." Maybe this time, I could fine my own stage, the truest sense of people around me. And lets go past insecurity issues. Because frankly, I'm not. And I will never be.

Bad news for me. I just found out that my brother's schedule still isnt pristine. And I have to deal with going with Mom to Novaliches every weekend...again. I know it might sound so melodramatic, but I always thought that it'll be for a semester ONLY. Oh well, guess I couldnt do anything but wait for Dad to come home.

And this weekend, I will finally finish Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight Series. Yay! I started last weekend, and Im finally over! What an accomplishment, by the way. Maybe I was just too eager to read them. And the fact that I am so excited of what'll happen. After that, I could finally read my other books, and buy more books (or in my case most of time, he takes care of buying them) until someday, our future house will look like this:

That is what I'd consider a perfect life. hehehe. Of course, given the fact the I also have HIM

And lastly, AIR21 called me up just now and told me that he's currently outside our house and delivering my BDJ 2009 planner right to our doorstep. Yay! Now Im excited to go home. 5 sharp, here I come. hehehe.

Gotta go! Have a nice weekend! I know I will, at least for the Sunday. hehehe.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Love Na Sana Kita Eh.

But you didnt include me in your little rendezvous. You told me to wait until someone backs out. You dont know how I feel. Im so disappointed --(Ria feeling all Blair-ish when she wasnt included at BDJ's Launch.)

Hahaha. Im so bitter. I just felt sad that Im ready to cross out November 11 off my calendar to go to Greenbelt when I received their email this morning. And in less than 24 hours? All 80 people have confirmed already? Im finding it really hard to believe. But anyway, Im not gonna go ga-ga over that. After all, its only ONE event. Im demanding to be invited on the next one. hehehe.

Speaking of planners, my boyfriend wants to spend a thousand bucks for one. Apparently, Starbucks launched its 2009 Planner already, and you just have to complete 16 stickers instead of 24. I remember him last year ordering non-coffee drinks (because he's not allowed to drink coffee) just so he could get the planner. He even treats his friends so he could get a sticker. We even bought coffees the day they are issuing double stickers. How desperate is that? o_O But thats one of the many ways why I love him. hehehe. The way he's so persevering to get what he wants. And now, he's also determined on getting me one. I mean, I love coffee. It is my own version of alcohol. He just stopped when I asked him what the hell am I gonna do with two planners? I couldnt even fill up one, much more if I have two. hehehe.


I really hope that the Christmas Holiday will extend up to January 2. See my cousin will get married on the 3rd that month and my whole family's flying to Iloilo to attend her wedding. So if it ever happens that we have work on that Friday, I'll be stuck in Manila while they see almost all of my relatives. And miss the reunion. Seriously, that WOULD REALLY SUCK. I mean, its okay to get too lazy for work and still go to it, but going to work and miss all the fun, is a torture for me. Plus hearing my brother brag about it would make it even more annoying.

So please, that's all I wanted for Christmas. A nice holiday with my favorite cousins and relatives.


I'm nearly finished reading Eclipse. And so far, Im enjoying the sort-of love triangle of Edward, Bella and Jacob. Of course, I'm still rooting for Edward, you know the typical "Were getting hitched because we so love each other but I found out that my bestfriend has feelings for me" story. Its so melodramatic, but the thought of dealing of being a vampire and having a werewolf for a bestfriend makes the story more intriguing.

And the story's getting even better. hehehe.

Now Im'a wait for November 21 to watch the Twilight movie.

And so far, I still can't wait. I mean seriously? Cedric Diggory as a vampire? I thought he was a wizard. hehehe.

Gotta go! Muah!


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