Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chinese Churvaness

I see everything Chinese. My half-chinese boyfriend, my one-fourth Chinese brother,and yesterday afternoon, more Chinese people at Divi and Binondo. That I even sang "Xing Fei De Yi" this afternoon when Hon and I passed by the streets of BInondo.

But I don't hate them, I would even want to steal (yeah, strong word.pardon my emotions) the Chinese lanterns that Mayor Atienza put up at in front of the post office. Suddenly, Manila, Manila went blaring as to China China, or Hongkong or something. But in the end, I both love them (China and Manila). Chinatown and Divi makes me have a uber-cheap but styliish shoes and office attires.


Hence, the mockery. But we love them. And again, thanks to Hon for being sooooo patient with the crowds of Divisoria. And I guess we covered the whole Divi experience, well except the 168 part, but just because we always go there and end up not buying anything.

After Divi, we went home because he couldnt wait to watch Eragon. Then he and my brother slumped at the sofas while I watched my own monitor, with the Episode 15 of Gilmore Girls. Ooh, life... Seeing them together, (Hon and Lester) makes me always want to smile because they look almost alike. For example, if the three of us would go someplace together, I bet people would mistaken them to be siblings. I remember my brother when he was walking me to my jeepney stop and his teacher thought we were a couple. It's kind of making me shiver. haha

When Hon went home already, I pulled and studied how to put up our magic sing. Lo and behold, I finally got it and blared til 12 midnight. Haha!

The people at my former work went to Bora this afternoon. I was so gooey-eyed when they Gerdah asked me to go with them. Of course, it is indeed impossible, but maybe someday, I will travel. I would go to different places where only books and images first described me. I would I would I would. But I would want my get-away to be with the perfect get-away companion. (yes honey, it's you..) Hmm, but where to? First, I want to go to Sagada. I've seen pictures of Jen and the view is sooooo breathtaking. After, maybe Puerto Galera. Then I could check my list to Iloilo, because the family side is there. Then if God permits that Guimaras be very clean again, I would definitely and absolutely be back and hugging the fine and white sands (like Boracay) and pig out on their mangoes. Then, next stop to Bora, where after Iloilo, I could just take a bus and a boat ride. After that, I'd navigate to Bohol, to see the Chocolate hills and the infamous Panglao. Then I'd go to Cebu and Davao, see historical places and Nido Island and Pearl Farm. And go to Palawan maybe.

These are just few of the places I would want to visit. And let us understand that these places are just within the Philippine Island. I would like to go to Disneyland, Hollywood, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, UK, Italy, Rome, Vatican, France, Germany, etc.

Ok, too many places before I die. Ha, I wanna join the Amazing Race. That even though they have this nil time of enjoying the view of the countries that theyve been too, they actually set foot on it and have the greatest adventures of their life. Someday perhaps..

But now, let's just focus and travel by dreams and travel books.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

so she moved so fast

I want you to know that you're the man I want to want...

A good thing to hear for guys, but this has been one of the saddest moments I've seen of Lorelai Gilmore. I know, I'm a big fan of the series, but really, someone once said that you base your favorite tv show or movie on the characters that is similar to you, or your personality. So here it is, this was the first time that struck me to believe that she and I are a bit same. She like waited for so many years to have Christopher Hayden. That even though their parents wanted them together so badly, she decided to abandon her family, raise her own child and had a no-care attitude for Christopher because she thinks he's not ready. That they got it all together, spent their live practically with each other, but she feels as if she was just hanging there. And as time passed, and after really serious heartbreaks, she found herself being with him again. And despite the jealous streaks of Christopher to Luke Danes (who was Lorelai's ex-fiancee), she almost begged Christopher to make the marriage work. That she believes that they are really for each other. After all her would-be marriages with Max and Luke, and her dates with other guys, she finds herself calling the father of her child, even on her bachelorette party.

How were we similar? They know each other for years, they separated with one another but managed to still talk to each other once in a while. And everytime she gets her heart broken, it is like a magnetic force that makes her go to him and all. She even waited for him to get his act together, that if by chance he really wants to be with her, he's got what it takes for them to last and be right together.

Ohkay, I really got so immersed with it. And I can't wait to see Hon again coz he promised to deliver the 15th episode of Season 7, which by the way, is currently airing at the United States. Hardyharhar

Gawk.. look at the time. Have to go or I'll be screwed. Nightynight! or rather, Good morn!.

Friday, February 23, 2007

something about february

I want February to end, feels like it didnt bring anything but bad luck. I got sick, and i mean really sick for the first time, Hon and I kinda fought a lot, work has been uber hectic, I always ghet late to the verge that I have to take a half day to work, hon has this huge problem and the list goes on.

I just wish it would already end. And I really hope this will all pass. I mean, all this jinx stuff has gotten really far that I can't manage them anymore. Usually, I feel composed and all, but this time, I feel a little off and seems that the surroundings has gone wild. Or something worse.

...if I could just take away your pain, I would do it. And if there's something, only a little something I could do, I would do it in a heartbeat. But then all I could afford is to listen and to hold your hand. All I could endure is to tell you that everything will be over. That all your pain would slowly subside. I know you might not believe, but I have faith. And I always have faith in you. In everything that you do. I may not say that to you often, but I really do.

Will go to National Library tomorrow to get our "copyright form" for the web. I just wish this'll be over as well.

Wish I could watch DREAMGIRLS already. Watched it two weeks ago in a pirated DVD but no such luck, turned out the last part is incomplete. Hence, I have to either buy anu\other copy, where its not ruined, or watch the real movie version.

Oh well, have to go already. Missed friendster. Missed ym.. missed being online and doing leisure stuffage. Blah.

Oh, and before I go...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LESTER (yes, he is my younger brother, though I look younger than him. nyarnyarnyar)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday and Monthsary didn’t go too well. Had to go to work on a half day because I already have 4 tardiness and another one means suspension for me. I don’t know what seems to be wrong. I just hope tomorrow will be another day..

Went to Blumentritt to hear Mass. Fortunately for me, I was able to hear the sermon and had an ash cross on the forehead. Seems like Lenten Season is just around the corner. Weird as it may seem, I find Lent perhaps boring. Just that it always feel so silent and all, but realizing the fact that we are commemorating Jesus Christ’s sacrifice makes it all worth it. I haven’t experienced having Bisita Iglesia yet. Now, maybe I’ll ask husband Hon to go with me or something.

Graduation of Batch 2007 is fast approaching. Seems like yesterday, we were trying to battle the terror of defense, grad finals, grad practices and all that required events for graduates. This year, my brother will enter college. May his experience be as happy as mine.

Not really a politics aficionado, but too many ads and political campaigns are ongoing right now. Just hoping there would be at least good politicians in position this election. Second time to vote already, though not too ecstatic, just that casting a ballot makes you feel a little responsible of what was happening in the country.

Oh well, good thing I wasn’t an analyst or something. After all, I once puked Political Dynamics. Make that two more for me. Haha.

Gotta go! Muah!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Girl's Felicity

Been uber-stressed and overworked these past few days that I haven't had time to unwind and blog. (Yup, therapy equals writing) But really, I've been having the dumps lately, getting real mad at sucky internet connections, sucky cellphone network connection, etcetera and etcetera.

But behind it all, I couldn't believe how simple message could melt me really fast and makes my insides churn of the sweetness he's been doing. I couldn't believe how he describes that "he doesn't feel older because now his life is different because he's with me". I know, love isn't always flowers abloom, but I have been definitely blessed this time. And yes, I'm saying this because this has been the best nine months of my life. We are celebrating it tomorrow already.

Time really flies THAT fast.

From his rantings of getting a PSP, an iPhone, a Forgotten Realms Series, new DVDs, an Apple Computer to the flowers that he gave at Valentine's, his winning streak at catching stuff toys everytime he goes to Timezone, the simple blog posts, the letters and pictures full of memorabilia, the simple fights on where to eat and where to go to, the churvaness that he says everytime he couldn't explain a thing, the mockery everytime we encounter something weird..


And really, the more I get to know his quirks, the more I get to see his true self. I may not show too much feelings because I'm afraid he might get too concerned, but I would want to hug him everytime we see each other. And the really mushy part is, even in a long day that were together, at the end of the day and after he drops me home, I would still miss him..

I love you and I would really wait for everything to happen already. That one day, we would go home together, and spend the evening just being with each other and all that. Muah!
And I'm promoting our multiply site:

**to HON

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hon's Birthday


I had a Valentine Blast. First of all, I learned that Hon is definitely one of the few romantics who live in the modern world.

Because of the Valentine frenzies, just went out to eat someplace. He so tried to be romantic by giving me roses and a Valentine cake. Awww, love.. I am so happy to be so in lurve with him.
Guess I wasn't disappointed after all. *big grin*
His birthday is today, so we bought him a book, all I have to do is give him the other gift, and the other one more. I'm so excited for Saturday. Since we can't celebrate today because of work, and other stuff, we decided to do it on weekend. I just hope this would also be one of the happy birthdays he got.

Am definitely raving for something right now. I just don't know what it is. For sure it's not pizza because I might throw up really hard again or something. Maybe something sweet again, I'm not so sure.. Okay, obsessive-eating is definitely not on the rule now. Despite the fact that I am getting larger, I might get sick again, and I cannot, for the life of me, afford to be quarantined or something again. I would want to forget the hellish experience.

Anyhow, this made my Valentine's so great...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hearts Day on the loose..


Wishlist: the greatest night with the great boyfriend. (flowers would be nice too. though, not really expecting)

First of all, I am no hypocrite. I enjoy being pampered on a Valentine. Ironic as it may seem, I prefer much memorable stuffs that wiltering roses or such. But on this day, when all you see are dozens of bouquets and a million stems of roses, I can't help but get envious of the people who would get one this day. After all, we are living in the material world, and having something to remind yourself that love REALLY exists wouldnt hurt so much right?

Tonight, I have a rendezvous with Hon. He says I could try to expect something. And he's been hinting on stuff that he would do. I'm actually clueless on what that surprise may be. But the worst part is, I'm not big on the expecting habit because I get disappointed easily. But don't worry, just so to prove that I am normal, I get disappointed at myself most of the time anyway. Seriously, I thrive on small surprises, I can be easily pleased. Give me a love letter and I would treasure it.

Speaking of treasures, I sorted out my things last night because we were renovating our house. And really, I'm having a hard time because my mom wants me to throw some of my old things. You see, basurera talaga ko, but really, there are a lot of things that I treasure the most. Even the smallest things, especially when you could possible remember how your life changed. That I could appreciate the most.
I'll be having my own room again. Thank God. just nice..

Hon hon will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow. I'm so excited for his celeb this Saturday. Because he made mine the best bday last year, I hope to give him the same one. And hopefully, we'll be spending more birthdays together. :D
...because I so love you.

Heart's Day is so cool.. muah!

Monday, February 12, 2007

hard L-O-V-E

I have been bitten by the Valentine Grinch.

I know one person would react by this, but I really needed to take this off my chest.
Anyway, I get the point. Valentine's is just another ordinary day, only the flowers, cardmakers and restaurants would be profited by the celebration. But coming from the hopeless romantic, (or maybe hopeless case) I love celebrating Valentine's Day. I love seeing flowers bloom all over the town. I love seeing people with flowers in their hands, or a single-handed rose from her lover. I do not like the rush, but I like the feeling that in that particular day, everyone is obliged to feel or even show the person that he or she loves this person, and lucky to be with that person whom you feel your intense liking or even love with.

Or I don't know if I have this mindful of high school stuffs, but I thrive for the traditional and occasional. I can even remember the first paper hearts that I gave my mother during Kindergarten. I think I was always the sweet one in the family, to throw hugs and kisses to my lola and my tita. And because I was raised by being a romantic, I enjoyed spreading my disease for love to everyone. That even though I don't get mushy stuffs on Valentine's Day ever in my whole existence, I enjoy the sight of people being in love.

Oh well, that's all in my mind now. And a helluva ride. muah!

Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Princess and the Perfect Gift for her Prince

After two weeks obsessing with Korean drama "Princess Hours" with my dibidibidi player, having to understand the barok English that it has fed me through the subtitle, I must say that the series won itself a ten thumbs up (together with the toes and all. harhar)
Okay, I wouldn't be this huge spoiler again, but really, the storyline was sooo smooth that it made me want to crave for part two (that is, if there such.) So anyhoo, due to the sickly weekend that made me puke my lunch, dinner, even my candies, I just twirled myself in bed and confined with the television set and the series.
Last Saturday, Hon went to our house to bring me food, medicines, or anything I need since we cannot go out due to my illness. And again, he has been a dear that he did all the whim, the glitz and the boyfriend duties/ obligatory rights vested upon him. hehe. Fortunately for me because I get to wish anything from him. Too bad I cannot munch on any of his junkfoods. haay.. But still, I get to watch Herbie, There's Something about Mary, and though tried to, we half-watched The God's Must be Crazy.
So anyway, his birthday's coming up in a few weeks. Any suggestion for "D PERFECT Gift" for the perfect boyfriend? hehe.
Just that scouring for a gift is easy, but the time and what he would really really love (and something for him to really really love me more. *winks*) is what I have in mind. But I know I don't have much time na, so I would really need to do it asap.
Have to make my brother cram just so he could enter my alma mater. I'm thinking of ways for him to get a spot or something. I just wish he couldve passed instead of a waiting list. Graah. But I am really hoping that his light would finally come and arrange his requirements if he needs to be interviewed, and etcetera.
Hafta go again, missed my medicines. muah! next obsession would be the His and Her Circumstances DVD maybe next week or so. haha.


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