Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Wishlist: the greatest night with the great boyfriend. (flowers would be nice too. though, not really expecting)

First of all, I am no hypocrite. I enjoy being pampered on a Valentine. Ironic as it may seem, I prefer much memorable stuffs that wiltering roses or such. But on this day, when all you see are dozens of bouquets and a million stems of roses, I can't help but get envious of the people who would get one this day. After all, we are living in the material world, and having something to remind yourself that love REALLY exists wouldnt hurt so much right?

Tonight, I have a rendezvous with Hon. He says I could try to expect something. And he's been hinting on stuff that he would do. I'm actually clueless on what that surprise may be. But the worst part is, I'm not big on the expecting habit because I get disappointed easily. But don't worry, just so to prove that I am normal, I get disappointed at myself most of the time anyway. Seriously, I thrive on small surprises, I can be easily pleased. Give me a love letter and I would treasure it.

Speaking of treasures, I sorted out my things last night because we were renovating our house. And really, I'm having a hard time because my mom wants me to throw some of my old things. You see, basurera talaga ko, but really, there are a lot of things that I treasure the most. Even the smallest things, especially when you could possible remember how your life changed. That I could appreciate the most.
I'll be having my own room again. Thank God. just nice..

Hon hon will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow. I'm so excited for his celeb this Saturday. Because he made mine the best bday last year, I hope to give him the same one. And hopefully, we'll be spending more birthdays together. :D
...because I so love you.

Heart's Day is so cool.. muah!

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