Monday, February 12, 2007

I have been bitten by the Valentine Grinch.

I know one person would react by this, but I really needed to take this off my chest.
Anyway, I get the point. Valentine's is just another ordinary day, only the flowers, cardmakers and restaurants would be profited by the celebration. But coming from the hopeless romantic, (or maybe hopeless case) I love celebrating Valentine's Day. I love seeing flowers bloom all over the town. I love seeing people with flowers in their hands, or a single-handed rose from her lover. I do not like the rush, but I like the feeling that in that particular day, everyone is obliged to feel or even show the person that he or she loves this person, and lucky to be with that person whom you feel your intense liking or even love with.

Or I don't know if I have this mindful of high school stuffs, but I thrive for the traditional and occasional. I can even remember the first paper hearts that I gave my mother during Kindergarten. I think I was always the sweet one in the family, to throw hugs and kisses to my lola and my tita. And because I was raised by being a romantic, I enjoyed spreading my disease for love to everyone. That even though I don't get mushy stuffs on Valentine's Day ever in my whole existence, I enjoy the sight of people being in love.

Oh well, that's all in my mind now. And a helluva ride. muah!

Happy Valentines Day!

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