Wednesday, February 07, 2007

After two weeks obsessing with Korean drama "Princess Hours" with my dibidibidi player, having to understand the barok English that it has fed me through the subtitle, I must say that the series won itself a ten thumbs up (together with the toes and all. harhar)
Okay, I wouldn't be this huge spoiler again, but really, the storyline was sooo smooth that it made me want to crave for part two (that is, if there such.) So anyhoo, due to the sickly weekend that made me puke my lunch, dinner, even my candies, I just twirled myself in bed and confined with the television set and the series.
Last Saturday, Hon went to our house to bring me food, medicines, or anything I need since we cannot go out due to my illness. And again, he has been a dear that he did all the whim, the glitz and the boyfriend duties/ obligatory rights vested upon him. hehe. Fortunately for me because I get to wish anything from him. Too bad I cannot munch on any of his junkfoods. haay.. But still, I get to watch Herbie, There's Something about Mary, and though tried to, we half-watched The God's Must be Crazy.
So anyway, his birthday's coming up in a few weeks. Any suggestion for "D PERFECT Gift" for the perfect boyfriend? hehe.
Just that scouring for a gift is easy, but the time and what he would really really love (and something for him to really really love me more. *winks*) is what I have in mind. But I know I don't have much time na, so I would really need to do it asap.
Have to make my brother cram just so he could enter my alma mater. I'm thinking of ways for him to get a spot or something. I just wish he couldve passed instead of a waiting list. Graah. But I am really hoping that his light would finally come and arrange his requirements if he needs to be interviewed, and etcetera.
Hafta go again, missed my medicines. muah! next obsession would be the His and Her Circumstances DVD maybe next week or so. haha.

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