Sunday, February 25, 2007

I see everything Chinese. My half-chinese boyfriend, my one-fourth Chinese brother,and yesterday afternoon, more Chinese people at Divi and Binondo. That I even sang "Xing Fei De Yi" this afternoon when Hon and I passed by the streets of BInondo.

But I don't hate them, I would even want to steal (yeah, strong word.pardon my emotions) the Chinese lanterns that Mayor Atienza put up at in front of the post office. Suddenly, Manila, Manila went blaring as to China China, or Hongkong or something. But in the end, I both love them (China and Manila). Chinatown and Divi makes me have a uber-cheap but styliish shoes and office attires.


Hence, the mockery. But we love them. And again, thanks to Hon for being sooooo patient with the crowds of Divisoria. And I guess we covered the whole Divi experience, well except the 168 part, but just because we always go there and end up not buying anything.

After Divi, we went home because he couldnt wait to watch Eragon. Then he and my brother slumped at the sofas while I watched my own monitor, with the Episode 15 of Gilmore Girls. Ooh, life... Seeing them together, (Hon and Lester) makes me always want to smile because they look almost alike. For example, if the three of us would go someplace together, I bet people would mistaken them to be siblings. I remember my brother when he was walking me to my jeepney stop and his teacher thought we were a couple. It's kind of making me shiver. haha

When Hon went home already, I pulled and studied how to put up our magic sing. Lo and behold, I finally got it and blared til 12 midnight. Haha!

The people at my former work went to Bora this afternoon. I was so gooey-eyed when they Gerdah asked me to go with them. Of course, it is indeed impossible, but maybe someday, I will travel. I would go to different places where only books and images first described me. I would I would I would. But I would want my get-away to be with the perfect get-away companion. (yes honey, it's you..) Hmm, but where to? First, I want to go to Sagada. I've seen pictures of Jen and the view is sooooo breathtaking. After, maybe Puerto Galera. Then I could check my list to Iloilo, because the family side is there. Then if God permits that Guimaras be very clean again, I would definitely and absolutely be back and hugging the fine and white sands (like Boracay) and pig out on their mangoes. Then, next stop to Bora, where after Iloilo, I could just take a bus and a boat ride. After that, I'd navigate to Bohol, to see the Chocolate hills and the infamous Panglao. Then I'd go to Cebu and Davao, see historical places and Nido Island and Pearl Farm. And go to Palawan maybe.

These are just few of the places I would want to visit. And let us understand that these places are just within the Philippine Island. I would like to go to Disneyland, Hollywood, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, UK, Italy, Rome, Vatican, France, Germany, etc.

Ok, too many places before I die. Ha, I wanna join the Amazing Race. That even though they have this nil time of enjoying the view of the countries that theyve been too, they actually set foot on it and have the greatest adventures of their life. Someday perhaps..

But now, let's just focus and travel by dreams and travel books.


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