Saturday, February 24, 2007

I want you to know that you're the man I want to want...

A good thing to hear for guys, but this has been one of the saddest moments I've seen of Lorelai Gilmore. I know, I'm a big fan of the series, but really, someone once said that you base your favorite tv show or movie on the characters that is similar to you, or your personality. So here it is, this was the first time that struck me to believe that she and I are a bit same. She like waited for so many years to have Christopher Hayden. That even though their parents wanted them together so badly, she decided to abandon her family, raise her own child and had a no-care attitude for Christopher because she thinks he's not ready. That they got it all together, spent their live practically with each other, but she feels as if she was just hanging there. And as time passed, and after really serious heartbreaks, she found herself being with him again. And despite the jealous streaks of Christopher to Luke Danes (who was Lorelai's ex-fiancee), she almost begged Christopher to make the marriage work. That she believes that they are really for each other. After all her would-be marriages with Max and Luke, and her dates with other guys, she finds herself calling the father of her child, even on her bachelorette party.

How were we similar? They know each other for years, they separated with one another but managed to still talk to each other once in a while. And everytime she gets her heart broken, it is like a magnetic force that makes her go to him and all. She even waited for him to get his act together, that if by chance he really wants to be with her, he's got what it takes for them to last and be right together.

Ohkay, I really got so immersed with it. And I can't wait to see Hon again coz he promised to deliver the 15th episode of Season 7, which by the way, is currently airing at the United States. Hardyharhar

Gawk.. look at the time. Have to go or I'll be screwed. Nightynight! or rather, Good morn!.

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