Friday, February 23, 2007

I want February to end, feels like it didnt bring anything but bad luck. I got sick, and i mean really sick for the first time, Hon and I kinda fought a lot, work has been uber hectic, I always ghet late to the verge that I have to take a half day to work, hon has this huge problem and the list goes on.

I just wish it would already end. And I really hope this will all pass. I mean, all this jinx stuff has gotten really far that I can't manage them anymore. Usually, I feel composed and all, but this time, I feel a little off and seems that the surroundings has gone wild. Or something worse.

...if I could just take away your pain, I would do it. And if there's something, only a little something I could do, I would do it in a heartbeat. But then all I could afford is to listen and to hold your hand. All I could endure is to tell you that everything will be over. That all your pain would slowly subside. I know you might not believe, but I have faith. And I always have faith in you. In everything that you do. I may not say that to you often, but I really do.

Will go to National Library tomorrow to get our "copyright form" for the web. I just wish this'll be over as well.

Wish I could watch DREAMGIRLS already. Watched it two weeks ago in a pirated DVD but no such luck, turned out the last part is incomplete. Hence, I have to either buy anu\other copy, where its not ruined, or watch the real movie version.

Oh well, have to go already. Missed friendster. Missed ym.. missed being online and doing leisure stuffage. Blah.

Oh, and before I go...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LESTER (yes, he is my younger brother, though I look younger than him. nyarnyarnyar)

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