Thursday, March 01, 2007

Yay! One of my favorite TV Show is back. But this time, it was kinda weird because the other housemates would be inside the house, GODKNOWSWHEN. So anyway, their two days have been really funny because this Mickey guy from Germany was asked by Big Brother to pretend not to speak English or Filipino. He kept mumming and all. And I felt so sorry for the housemates because they were being "connived" by Big Brother again.

Ohkay, enough TV talk already. I just realized how I am deeply immersed by Koreanovelas and Philippine soaps that I have to force myself to sleep late and all. But hoohey, I'm not getting late anymore, because my new bestfriend is the LRT and MRT. I've been like taking both trains in the morning, and whenever I wanted to go home early.

Finished ANGELS and DEMONS already. After 2 weeks reading inside the train, the jeepney, at my bed, etc., I finally got to let go of the book. And I REALLY enjoyed reading it, considering the adventures and other stuff. It was soooo nice.

Our Operations Team is going to have a teambuilding tomorrow at Laguna. I am uber excited. Drawback is Hon wouldnt be able to go with me, but I doubt I'll be lonely. Missing him, DEFINITELY YES.

Be back maybe after the event. And being the camwhore that I am, will definitely grace with lotsa pictures.

BTW, I am loving this day because 4 years ago, I met Hon Hon again for a long time. muah!


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