Monday, March 05, 2007

Guess no one could stop me from blogging at this time.

Had the first Team Building of Operations Division last Friday night and Saturday afternoon where 50plus people from every department from Operations attended. We left here at 6:30 at Friday night and got at FUEGO RESORT at Laguna by 8:00 pm. Because were waiting for the players to come, we had activities to know one another. We had this one game we did in HIgh School wherein you would write something at the paper behind someone's back.

After that, we decided to eat already since it was 10 pm, and the players, together with Sir Ronnie just arrived. It was nice since we got to eat together and all. Also, weve managed to have new friends, Ms. Keith, Michelle, Stan and Ms. Noreen. Actually, we were kinda inseparable that night.

After a few rounds of Videoke, we (yeah finally!) decided to take a swim. You see, if I was a camwhore and a microphone whore, I am also a water-slash-pool-slash-beach whore. So we were at the pool from 2-5 AM. And it was sooo great.

Saturday morning was a a bit dreadful. With just two hours sleep, I couldnt even manage to get up, although I could smell the sumptuous breakfast were having. So I dragged myself up and ate. After breakfast, some people already went home, which I didnt even noticed, and we went to the Videoke again til lunchtime. Maam Kit even went there to join us during late lunch.

At 4pm, we already went home but then some circumstances went out of hand so it led us to arrive at the office at 7 pm and I havent had the chance to meet Hon and his family for dinner at MOA. Really, that made me sooo sad. I don't know, but it did.
So I just went home, tired and sleepy. Irritated and wasted.

But to top it all off, I still managed to meet Hon for Mass at Quiapo Church and buy DVDs and stuff at Divisoria. My life is so I dunno what to call it.

And yeah, now, I really have this worst case scenario of sore throat. Argh.

Muah! Gtg.

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