Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I am having this Wednesday Madness where series of unfortunate events happened. Worst case scenario? I'm having them hour by hour. Here goes:

My daily alarm from Hon was ringing, telling me that he is calling. After answering him and telling him that I'm wide awake already, I've checked my inbox, only to find out that all of the messages are gone.. kapoof.. 1st sign.

Secondly, I was going up to my usual LRT Station, when suddenly, my bag's strap went a-broken. Lucky stars my bleep.

Third, after looking at the LRT glass, I also saw a rip on my blouse's left sleeve. Thought it was the last straw, but then I was REALLY wrong.

After arriving from the MRT Shaw Station, I went downstairs, only to find that jeepney were unavailable so I had to spend my precious five minutes waiting for vacant ones. Well to think of the light, I managed to be 8 minutes early before time. The only good thing about this morning, was the fact that I managed not to be late. AT LEAST. :D
And when I got to the office, I immediately woe about my distress for the day. Thank God for the friends and the newly-found friends I have here. It made my day a whole lotta better. I am so loving this Company.

I actually thought I couldn't adjust, but seeing my other friends in my previous work, and knowing that friends here are so okay, things are really clearing up for the hardships and all. And hopefully, be regularized already since this is the last month of my probationary status and had my PA last Friday. I'm crossing my fingers for regularization already.

Well, at least misfortune made me see how fortunate I am to have friends. Oh and since I work at Fortune, I hope it would give me good luck most of the time. bye!

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