Thursday, March 08, 2007

I feel awful today. I'm having colds right now. And I'm thinking whether to pospone my meeting with Ate Lorie today, but see it has been a pending issue for the two of us and now that we have already planned on it, I get this horrible virus, which by the way, whoknowswhereIgot!

Yes, I'm having a major disastrous breakdown on it. I hate being sick. I love being in bed, but I hate being in bed and blowing my nose up, or coughing nonstop. I hate it hate it hate it.

Before I forgot, company web is finished already. Were 95% done on the revisions also. It's actually a good-go now and some people have been sending inquiries already. At least there is ONE thing I'm psyched about. I just don't know what are we going to prepare for the grand launch.
Next project, databases and special reports. Have to go look for updates about health now. And have to strut my stuff now or regret later. haha.

I've been itching for another vacay this month. Jen suggested I go to Tagaytay or something. Well, I am hoping for something like that. Well, Hon asked me to go to Enchanted Kingdom since I've been bugging him forever about that. Though, it isn't really a big of a deal to me. But I would want to go to Iloilo. I wanna see my cousins there again. And I wanna go to the beach. Man, just thinking about it makes me feel pressured to do that already.

Problem is, I can't take a leave yet until I reached my first year, and I'm still counting another 6 months more. So it permits me to have vacays on weekends or something like that,

Holy Week is yet to come again. Meaning, DVD watching, nada soap operas, Gilmore Girls and Seventh Heaven Marathons (though I have even already memorized Gilmore Girls. Haha), and a whole lot of penitation and reflection. And I've made a lot of mistakes for the past year, some I didn't even know if counted as sins.

I'm gonna rest this weekend. No dates, whatsoever, or Hon's gonna come by the house, and of course, he says he's gonna bring his latest addiction, his playstation. He even made me choose what game to play, but I didn't indulge myself too. I'll just crush him to the game I've never even played, but seems like I already mastered. But again, I could only defeat him when it comes to trivias and word games. If its a car race, I'll be waving my white flag even if Ive been playing for just two minutes. I remembered when we were playing at ym with this word game, and he's been like playing for sometime already, I joined the game for a minute and I've been topping his score since then. And he reasons that its because I'm a Journ graduate or something. Yeah right.

Whatcha think, I've been meaning to go someplace really. Any suggestions? And I'm gone. :D

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