Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bakit ba kasi sobrang affected ka? Ha Ria?

Believe me, I asked myself a million times why am I such like this big weird person who still likes to dig up past upon people. And if I could only find the answer to this researcher -facade I am implying, I would gracefully admit my defeat. Is it because I too, am dwelling on the past? I hope I'd learn. Learn to trust people, and most of all, learn to trust myself more. Or something like that.

The devil in me, please step aside, but my company wants to visit an orphanage,or rather, wants to do an event in an orphanage. It is kinda nice actually. I get to hang out with kids, and at the same time doing my job. Nice di ba? I hope the activity shall push through.

I don't want to sleep anymore, I feel paranoid that I might see the people that have been haunting me for the past week. People I want out of my life and people that I don't even care less about. I know I'm being too stubborn, but unless I'm unsure of how I feel, I just want to distant myself from them because I might hurt myself even more. I'm fine being this way, only one person could help. And real friends.

I know I'm being melodramatic again. But I couldnt really help being one. I feel as if I cant even believe anyone anymore. Or I tend to believe, but it will take a long time to put it in my heart.

"Ive fallen in love, Im so much to manage, I think you should know that Ive been damaged"--TLC, Damaged

The only thing is, do I have to be damaged forever? Oh please mend my broken heart...

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