Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Been rejoicing and all yesterday because it was my 6th month stay at work. Hence, my regularization is up and running already. Yay!

My mom is pressuring me to do some stuffs for her right now because of our insurances and health cards. And she's forcing me to buy things for the house when my pay goes up. Well, if that'll happen..haha
But I don't really know if a low pay or a high one is very important for me. Actually, I am learning to really love my job so no matter how long I stay in the office doesnt really matter to me. Well, that is if Hon isnt making me leave the office early. :D

In the long run, I also keep on thinking what lied ahead. I know I couldn't be here forever, and with the changing times, I also need a new environment or something. Maam Kit reminds me that I may transfer somewhere else, but I need to learn more. She says she'll let me grow and learn the good things about the business, to adapt the good habits and all. I soo love my boss. :D

Its a good thing for me considering that I shouldnt be here in the first place. In a world where medical terms, doctors and health coverages exist, it definitely is kinda foreign to me at first. But staying here, rewards me because Ive met people who suddenly had a great impact in my career. And putting up career goals should be prioritized now. Just a reminder to take the world over. Just kidding.

Im craving for mangoes, ice cream and halo-halo. Summer is definitely kicking in me right now. Ack!

Have to go. Meeting deadlines and such. Muah!

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