Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Been uber-stressed and overworked these past few days that I haven't had time to unwind and blog. (Yup, therapy equals writing) But really, I've been having the dumps lately, getting real mad at sucky internet connections, sucky cellphone network connection, etcetera and etcetera.

But behind it all, I couldn't believe how simple message could melt me really fast and makes my insides churn of the sweetness he's been doing. I couldn't believe how he describes that "he doesn't feel older because now his life is different because he's with me". I know, love isn't always flowers abloom, but I have been definitely blessed this time. And yes, I'm saying this because this has been the best nine months of my life. We are celebrating it tomorrow already.

Time really flies THAT fast.

From his rantings of getting a PSP, an iPhone, a Forgotten Realms Series, new DVDs, an Apple Computer to the flowers that he gave at Valentine's, his winning streak at catching stuff toys everytime he goes to Timezone, the simple blog posts, the letters and pictures full of memorabilia, the simple fights on where to eat and where to go to, the churvaness that he says everytime he couldn't explain a thing, the mockery everytime we encounter something weird..


And really, the more I get to know his quirks, the more I get to see his true self. I may not show too much feelings because I'm afraid he might get too concerned, but I would want to hug him everytime we see each other. And the really mushy part is, even in a long day that were together, at the end of the day and after he drops me home, I would still miss him..

I love you and I would really wait for everything to happen already. That one day, we would go home together, and spend the evening just being with each other and all that. Muah!
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