Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'm so fed up with all the loops that Ive been at. I mean, I just wanted to arrive to the truth.
Anyway, I slept late this morning doing all the projects, the editing, my ethics assignment, the terrifying broadjourn script and being a zombie at once.

Despite all of these and the wee hours of the morning, I still couldn't bear to sleep because I don't want to fail Broadjourn (heck! not bradjourn or my opportunities will go down the drain),
I'm persistent last night and tada, the people in outside our house are blabbing about anything and everything that I wanted to shush them all out!

But I couldn't do that, know why? Because I live in Tondo.

Everytime my classmates in college would ask where I live, I would always give them a hesitant answer because apparently, we don't have that good of a record. So I would always tell them.


Of course they wouldn't know where that might be so an honest way of telling it,


And everyone would create stories on how its scary to be there, na may nananaga, na maraming riots, etc.

Maybe half of that is true. But then, I try not to meddle with other people there. After all, I only had quite a few number of true friends, calm ones, mind you.
In fairness naman, kahit naman ganun, never pa kong na-snatch-an ng fone, nakidnap or anything. Gangster daw ako dun sabi nila Brent.


Then I would say,

"Sa totoo lang, prinsesa ko dun. Oo, ako yung leader nila. Kaya yun, hindi nila ko ginagalaw", as if they would believe that!

In fact, it's really not so scary there. May instances. Pero pag alam naman nila na friend ka, they're nice to you. Hindi naman kami nangangagat. An alternative way to say it is maybe they're just having that facade so that walang mangaagrabyado sa kanila. I guess may trait na din akong ganun. Not that I always get into fights, in fact, I haven't been in a bloodshedding one. Maybe in a verbal with my former friends but still, we made up immediately and it was a petty thing. We just laugh whenever it crosses our minds.

So kahit gusto ko na talagang talakan yung mga neighbors, I just tried to concentrate on the screen that was in front of me. Just so I could control my temper and for them to dissolve right there and then.

After all, ang image ni Ria dun - "Ah yung hindi lumalabas ng bahay?, Yung sinasabi niya noon palang bata siya na makikita siya sa TV after ilang years?"

Diba parang bait-baitan? Paano, konti na nga lang kaming teens na hindi pasaway dun, gagaya pa ko? I am better off doing other things that be like them.

But If I were to choose, mahal ko pa din ang Tondo. Maybe that is the reason why I refuse to live at our house in Nova. Basta. Ganun talaga eh. You cant force someone to change instantly.

And I'm still happy to be here.

Thank you very much!

Friday, August 26, 2005

not over til its over

I'm sick and tired of all those threats coming in at Mela and surprise, also to me.

I mean WTF? If you're not guilty, you'd reply a short note, tell her you didnt do it, say "I'm sorry but my conscience is clear!" and then you would rest because you know you didn't do it..

But in the accused person's case, she gave at least a dozen reasons to make us think she really did it.

I had a great time today, until this happened. But I wont let it get me.

I know we're better than all of them.

My dad will go back abroad again. Before my birthday. OMG Im gonna be twenty in a few days. Like I would really look like 20?


gotta go make myself put my head in a bucket full of ice.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

bakit ang daming insecure?

My good friend Karmela was bombarded with threats and all that with the Ryan Mico guy. I just couldnt understand why the one who really did the plot and all needs to create a thing like that. I mean, are they that insecure to her? napaka-pathetic talaga. Good thing we had it all figured out. Paano, ang tanga tanaga kasi naman. May ka-link na na only guy sa friendster yung kabarkada pa nila! heller!

And she also said that she received 30 missed calls. 30? dude kung ang babaeng dinump nga hindi tatawag ng 30 times sa lalaking gusto niya. Maybe twice but not 30! I cant believe this.

Pero sino nga bang hindi maiinsecure kung dinump sya diba? but Mela is so over the guy anyway. She has a life now, a good one in fact. Well, enough blabbing. I care for her that's why i felt the need to defend her.

have pending works pa but I guess I'd be able to do them all in no time. watched Breakfast at Tiffany's the other night and the classic was superb. I havent watched any pa kasi. Im hoping to see CAsablanca before I die.. hehe..
well thats to check mails and all that. =)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

prelims and all that jazz..

Prelims is finally over... is it really?

I mean I havent finished transcribing the interview of Mayor Libunao. and that was supposed to be the Broadjourn prelim.. I still cant encode his quotes because its either too fast or too unclear.. but I'm happy with it..

and tonight, im gonna catch a Gilmore Girls Double episode, a movie marathon of Imelda, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Hitch and other movies if I get bitin.. (as if I'd get bitin!yay!)

Tonight, there's this Korean Ghost movie pa that stars Kim Ha Nul and the Jedrick Yoon guy in Oh Feel Young.. yay!
Mela, Brent and I realized that 'some' people can be accomodating if they found out that you have the same alma mater. We went to City Hall yesterday to conduct a brief interview for the Civic Journalism. Some pointed us to different persons and said that we should have a letter pa or something. But when we asked one department and found out she's from USTE and recognized the lambda thingie, ayun, she lets us snag the interview..

haay, everything for recognition..
wanna shout a happy birthday to my friend Tin.. come back to the Philippines.

and JOPS AND MICHIE, HAppy Birthday for tomorrow. I know I wont be able to blog after this..nyahahaha..


I shouldve posted pics but sadly, the CD didnt work..

argh! nextime I promise!

Friday, August 19, 2005

trip to senate

although my mom always say na wala na daw ginagawa ang Senate ngayon, ewan ko ba amused pa rin ako sa kakagulantang na nangyari kahapon. sori!

Nina was supposed to interview Sen. Drilon but surprise surprise! she snagged an interview of Sen Lapid (purely Pinoy of course!), Sen. Ping Lacson, and Sen. Enrile. I was really hoping to see my kababayan Miriam Defensor Santiago but she isnt there yet.

We also waited for Sen Lim but he isnt there yet. So we just decided to go na.

Yun, so Sen. Lim's interview led to Lapid, Lacson and Enrile. cool nga eh..

We took pictures of Mar Roxas and I.. Joke lang.. frame lang nya. hindi ko sya nakita eh. sayaaang!

Ms. Mila also led us to the Session Hall.

"Nakita ko yung asawa ni MEGASTAR! nyahahah! whatever!"

After contemplating whether to go home or not, sige uwi na. Pagbaba ng elevator, nakita namin si Sen. Lim. argh!

The trip was fun but tiring. But being there in the building makes you feel astounded or something. Yay to the senators because I thought they would be snobs and all. Apparently, hindi pala sila madamot magshare ng time for interview.. yay!


My day didnt end there actually, had plans of meeting my elementary bezzie, Jonnah. She was residing near P. Noval lang pala. Pero yun, we went to Sm SAn Lazaro and surprise, surprise! I saw my high school teachers Gng.Cruz and Ms. Arevalo.

We talked of high school ka-batch and all.

Tapos went back to Uste coz Jonnah doesnt wanna go home alone, so had dinner at lover's Lane.. saya saya kaya.

And I ended up with all smiles.. yay!


God I missed blogging!

Ive been preoccupied these past few days with interviews, interviews and more interviews and school stuff.

last sunday, (which was the only day of rest, God forbid!) i was watching Diego Luna strutting his stuff in the Dirty Dancing Havana Nights when a phonecall made me realize that Im not in Diego's world anymore. So I answered it and Mela was furiously telling me that we snagged an interview with her Tito Mo. And that she wasnt amused with me since she has been calling my cell for the nth time. I know its my fault and I promised myself that I would buy a magnetic field or something if I find a treasure chest one day. (enough kidding ria!)

So anyway, Mela called again at 12:30 telling me that I should already be at her dorm at 1pm.. To make the long story short, I was late..... again.

We came at Parc Chateau still alive (thanks to Mela's brother) and dyaran! interview accomplished. Was even amused by the interview because it was very well done, thank you very much!

I (finally!) watched Bridget Jones Diary The Edge of Reason. was cool. yun lang. masaya lang.

next post coming up!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

sing a song.

i suddenly had an urge to sing..

As I was transcribing the taped interview that we had about Alex Briones (last year's photojourn classmate), I admired his passion for taekwondo and made it his life. And he really worked on something he really think he can do best.

Then I wondered, if I had a choice, would i pick Music as my course instead of Journalism?


I always loved music. I loved the idea of performing in concerts.

I discovered my passion for singing way way back. In my 4th grade, I could still remember that I really made sure I joined the Glee Club. As my palms are sweating when I was singing my piece, Tell Me, I'm determined to get in. And I did. It led me to a contest when I was in that grade, sang in different events in school and even won something for the whole class.

Then came high school. When I entered the grounds of ICAM, I joined the Glee Club with Ms. Ortega as our moderator. It was funny because at that time, my voice was so breathy and she didnt know what range would she put me. That's the story behind the ALTO 2 thing. In second year, more unforgettable experiences happened to me. It was my first time to sing at a choral concert. I felt so good when I saw my family and friends clapping for me when I was on stage. ANd it really is a great feeling. Third year, we joined different competitions and became an active member. Lastly, the fourth year was way better because we I was appointed PRO of the club under Ms. Catama, competed for the Spirits in HArmony contest held at the St. Scholastica School, and another one in NEw Era University and met the man I used to love.( he didnt go there, we just decided to meet there.)

I loved singing. I never thought I wouldnt experience these again.


On the other hand, if I didnt choose Journalism, I wouldnt be able to meet the greatest friends during in the presence of the old JRN1 and the reshuffled JRN1, go to other plays inside and outside the campus, meet different people, interview popular and not so popular personalities, have sleep-overs, be invited out of town, go bar-hopping with friends, get good and not so good grades,eing handled ny professors I never thought I would meet like Maam Mamawal, Sir Zulueta, Maam Arriola, Sir Cuartero, etc.,join the Journalese, be an intern at Manila Times, be stressed, etcetera, etcetera.


In conclusion, (If Only line na naman) Music and Journalism are two different matter but I would still choose to be in my position right now. I guess some things should have their respective time. Now Journalism, next fame!

...just kidding, well I could dream too you know?

gotta go check all my other accounts. tata!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

diligent kuno.

Im here at school today though im not supposed to be here.

Diligent kunwari eh noh?

I finally revised our journalese blogging article. but I've noticed that everytime my workload is lessened, new ones would fill it again.

I haven't had enough sleep last night but i still feel active. now that's a good thing..

Emmalyn, my high school classmate-slash-ancestor is with me right now. I've planned us some R and R before I get crazy with school works again. A movie marathon of Battle Royale parts 1 and 2.. i dunno if you could call that relaxation but if it includes a popcorn and a soft couch, might as well tell it as it is..

Oh whattheheck! im just vain. kill me now..

the queen bee
last saturday sa "wheels"..hehe

this one's a favorite.. so nostalgic..makes me like im in casablanca or something..

ria mela and jam
happy three friends version 2. 'twas when my hair's still short. and we still look young at that time.=)

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Roco's dead?!?

OMG! i cant believe SEn Raul Roco is already dead.

i just found out this minute.

i mean, i personally voted for him. and really wanted him to win. i really wish he could be in peace now. he made a good fight..

hindi kaya natatakot si Ping Lacson and Bro.Eddie Villanueva na dalawang presidentiables na ang namamatay this year?


topic ito..hehehehe

hectic doll

I must confess that I watched the Maalaala mo kaya- Judy Ann-Ryan episode last night.

I'm a sucker for love stories and romance, hence, I was deeply moved by the story last night. I got kilig with the pair-up actually. And I'm hoping that I could seek true love as soon as possible. I dont know, maybe the thought of someone caring for you as much as you care for yourself makes it all worth risking the pain and the joys to be in a relationship. And I guess I'm ready to face love once again. I really do. Its just that I dont want to waste my life waiting and wishing anymore.

Oh I wish I could meet you already...


didn't have broadjourn yesterday so I bummed again, provided that it is the only day I could pamper myself. I guess it worked for me. this weekend, I would really try to review, start and finish my sportsjourn article prelim, read taxation cases, and throw myself off the cliff.

Oh, and by way, thank you Sun Cellular for making my life miserable right now. (you see, there's this story that I chose my heart over my mind. My mind says I should load my Globe sim but my heart says I should load my Sun sim. And I chose what my heart says, and our location is included to the upgrading maintenance or something like that service) Now my load is going to expire soon and I haven't even enjoyed it yet. Funny thing is, I could send messages whenever I'm at school but when I step into our house, the chances of sending messages is zero percent.

I also felt bad for our journalese-blogging article. I don't wanna kill the article but it seems that its going down. I just hope I could do justice to it by having it overnight.

Still have a paper for commtheory. And hopefully pass it today. Tons of workload pa. I really need someone to cheer me up. Cmon clowns, fill my day!

Nadanadanadanada after this.

Monday, August 01, 2005

ok na nga.

sabi ko na, naguguluhan na naman ako ngayon. bakit ka pa nagtext kanina?

haay, apektado na naman ako. bakit ba kung gaano kalakas yung hangin sa labas, ganun din kalakas yung impact mo sa buhay ko? fine. masaya ka na. just leave me with my misery. mahal mo sya, ako hindi. i get it. siguro naman napapansin mo na if ever may ka-relasyon din ako, hindi ako nagpaparamdam sayo diba?

maybe, i wanna be friends. but not now. give me time to recharge. alam mo pala na hindi pa ko over, eh bakit ka pa nagparamdam ulit. meron ka pang "with you its as if i could see my future".

hindi ako naghihinanakit. pero naguguluhan pa ko.

akala ko kasi.. shet, wag na nga. ayoko na ng akala.

sana lang maging masaya ka. at ako. at siya sa'yo.


been doing this last night. ka-vain talaga..



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