Wednesday, August 10, 2005

i suddenly had an urge to sing..

As I was transcribing the taped interview that we had about Alex Briones (last year's photojourn classmate), I admired his passion for taekwondo and made it his life. And he really worked on something he really think he can do best.

Then I wondered, if I had a choice, would i pick Music as my course instead of Journalism?


I always loved music. I loved the idea of performing in concerts.

I discovered my passion for singing way way back. In my 4th grade, I could still remember that I really made sure I joined the Glee Club. As my palms are sweating when I was singing my piece, Tell Me, I'm determined to get in. And I did. It led me to a contest when I was in that grade, sang in different events in school and even won something for the whole class.

Then came high school. When I entered the grounds of ICAM, I joined the Glee Club with Ms. Ortega as our moderator. It was funny because at that time, my voice was so breathy and she didnt know what range would she put me. That's the story behind the ALTO 2 thing. In second year, more unforgettable experiences happened to me. It was my first time to sing at a choral concert. I felt so good when I saw my family and friends clapping for me when I was on stage. ANd it really is a great feeling. Third year, we joined different competitions and became an active member. Lastly, the fourth year was way better because we I was appointed PRO of the club under Ms. Catama, competed for the Spirits in HArmony contest held at the St. Scholastica School, and another one in NEw Era University and met the man I used to love.( he didnt go there, we just decided to meet there.)

I loved singing. I never thought I wouldnt experience these again.


On the other hand, if I didnt choose Journalism, I wouldnt be able to meet the greatest friends during in the presence of the old JRN1 and the reshuffled JRN1, go to other plays inside and outside the campus, meet different people, interview popular and not so popular personalities, have sleep-overs, be invited out of town, go bar-hopping with friends, get good and not so good grades,eing handled ny professors I never thought I would meet like Maam Mamawal, Sir Zulueta, Maam Arriola, Sir Cuartero, etc.,join the Journalese, be an intern at Manila Times, be stressed, etcetera, etcetera.


In conclusion, (If Only line na naman) Music and Journalism are two different matter but I would still choose to be in my position right now. I guess some things should have their respective time. Now Journalism, next fame!

...just kidding, well I could dream too you know?

gotta go check all my other accounts. tata!

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