Friday, August 19, 2005

God I missed blogging!

Ive been preoccupied these past few days with interviews, interviews and more interviews and school stuff.

last sunday, (which was the only day of rest, God forbid!) i was watching Diego Luna strutting his stuff in the Dirty Dancing Havana Nights when a phonecall made me realize that Im not in Diego's world anymore. So I answered it and Mela was furiously telling me that we snagged an interview with her Tito Mo. And that she wasnt amused with me since she has been calling my cell for the nth time. I know its my fault and I promised myself that I would buy a magnetic field or something if I find a treasure chest one day. (enough kidding ria!)

So anyway, Mela called again at 12:30 telling me that I should already be at her dorm at 1pm.. To make the long story short, I was late..... again.

We came at Parc Chateau still alive (thanks to Mela's brother) and dyaran! interview accomplished. Was even amused by the interview because it was very well done, thank you very much!

I (finally!) watched Bridget Jones Diary The Edge of Reason. was cool. yun lang. masaya lang.

next post coming up!

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