Friday, August 19, 2005

although my mom always say na wala na daw ginagawa ang Senate ngayon, ewan ko ba amused pa rin ako sa kakagulantang na nangyari kahapon. sori!

Nina was supposed to interview Sen. Drilon but surprise surprise! she snagged an interview of Sen Lapid (purely Pinoy of course!), Sen. Ping Lacson, and Sen. Enrile. I was really hoping to see my kababayan Miriam Defensor Santiago but she isnt there yet.

We also waited for Sen Lim but he isnt there yet. So we just decided to go na.

Yun, so Sen. Lim's interview led to Lapid, Lacson and Enrile. cool nga eh..

We took pictures of Mar Roxas and I.. Joke lang.. frame lang nya. hindi ko sya nakita eh. sayaaang!

Ms. Mila also led us to the Session Hall.

"Nakita ko yung asawa ni MEGASTAR! nyahahah! whatever!"

After contemplating whether to go home or not, sige uwi na. Pagbaba ng elevator, nakita namin si Sen. Lim. argh!

The trip was fun but tiring. But being there in the building makes you feel astounded or something. Yay to the senators because I thought they would be snobs and all. Apparently, hindi pala sila madamot magshare ng time for interview.. yay!


My day didnt end there actually, had plans of meeting my elementary bezzie, Jonnah. She was residing near P. Noval lang pala. Pero yun, we went to Sm SAn Lazaro and surprise, surprise! I saw my high school teachers Gng.Cruz and Ms. Arevalo.

We talked of high school ka-batch and all.

Tapos went back to Uste coz Jonnah doesnt wanna go home alone, so had dinner at lover's Lane.. saya saya kaya.

And I ended up with all smiles.. yay!

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