Sunday, August 21, 2005

Prelims is finally over... is it really?

I mean I havent finished transcribing the interview of Mayor Libunao. and that was supposed to be the Broadjourn prelim.. I still cant encode his quotes because its either too fast or too unclear.. but I'm happy with it..

and tonight, im gonna catch a Gilmore Girls Double episode, a movie marathon of Imelda, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Hitch and other movies if I get bitin.. (as if I'd get bitin!yay!)

Tonight, there's this Korean Ghost movie pa that stars Kim Ha Nul and the Jedrick Yoon guy in Oh Feel Young.. yay!
Mela, Brent and I realized that 'some' people can be accomodating if they found out that you have the same alma mater. We went to City Hall yesterday to conduct a brief interview for the Civic Journalism. Some pointed us to different persons and said that we should have a letter pa or something. But when we asked one department and found out she's from USTE and recognized the lambda thingie, ayun, she lets us snag the interview..

haay, everything for recognition..
wanna shout a happy birthday to my friend Tin.. come back to the Philippines.

and JOPS AND MICHIE, HAppy Birthday for tomorrow. I know I wont be able to blog after this..nyahahaha..


I shouldve posted pics but sadly, the CD didnt work..

argh! nextime I promise!

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