Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My good friend Karmela was bombarded with threats and all that with the Ryan Mico guy. I just couldnt understand why the one who really did the plot and all needs to create a thing like that. I mean, are they that insecure to her? napaka-pathetic talaga. Good thing we had it all figured out. Paano, ang tanga tanaga kasi naman. May ka-link na na only guy sa friendster yung kabarkada pa nila! heller!

And she also said that she received 30 missed calls. 30? dude kung ang babaeng dinump nga hindi tatawag ng 30 times sa lalaking gusto niya. Maybe twice but not 30! I cant believe this.

Pero sino nga bang hindi maiinsecure kung dinump sya diba? but Mela is so over the guy anyway. She has a life now, a good one in fact. Well, enough blabbing. I care for her that's why i felt the need to defend her.

have pending works pa but I guess I'd be able to do them all in no time. watched Breakfast at Tiffany's the other night and the classic was superb. I havent watched any pa kasi. Im hoping to see CAsablanca before I die.. hehe..
well thats to check mails and all that. =)

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