Saturday, August 06, 2005

I must confess that I watched the Maalaala mo kaya- Judy Ann-Ryan episode last night.

I'm a sucker for love stories and romance, hence, I was deeply moved by the story last night. I got kilig with the pair-up actually. And I'm hoping that I could seek true love as soon as possible. I dont know, maybe the thought of someone caring for you as much as you care for yourself makes it all worth risking the pain and the joys to be in a relationship. And I guess I'm ready to face love once again. I really do. Its just that I dont want to waste my life waiting and wishing anymore.

Oh I wish I could meet you already...


didn't have broadjourn yesterday so I bummed again, provided that it is the only day I could pamper myself. I guess it worked for me. this weekend, I would really try to review, start and finish my sportsjourn article prelim, read taxation cases, and throw myself off the cliff.

Oh, and by way, thank you Sun Cellular for making my life miserable right now. (you see, there's this story that I chose my heart over my mind. My mind says I should load my Globe sim but my heart says I should load my Sun sim. And I chose what my heart says, and our location is included to the upgrading maintenance or something like that service) Now my load is going to expire soon and I haven't even enjoyed it yet. Funny thing is, I could send messages whenever I'm at school but when I step into our house, the chances of sending messages is zero percent.

I also felt bad for our journalese-blogging article. I don't wanna kill the article but it seems that its going down. I just hope I could do justice to it by having it overnight.

Still have a paper for commtheory. And hopefully pass it today. Tons of workload pa. I really need someone to cheer me up. Cmon clowns, fill my day!

Nadanadanadanada after this.

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