Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'm so fed up with all the loops that Ive been at. I mean, I just wanted to arrive to the truth.
Anyway, I slept late this morning doing all the projects, the editing, my ethics assignment, the terrifying broadjourn script and being a zombie at once.

Despite all of these and the wee hours of the morning, I still couldn't bear to sleep because I don't want to fail Broadjourn (heck! not bradjourn or my opportunities will go down the drain),
I'm persistent last night and tada, the people in outside our house are blabbing about anything and everything that I wanted to shush them all out!

But I couldn't do that, know why? Because I live in Tondo.

Everytime my classmates in college would ask where I live, I would always give them a hesitant answer because apparently, we don't have that good of a record. So I would always tell them.


Of course they wouldn't know where that might be so an honest way of telling it,


And everyone would create stories on how its scary to be there, na may nananaga, na maraming riots, etc.

Maybe half of that is true. But then, I try not to meddle with other people there. After all, I only had quite a few number of true friends, calm ones, mind you.
In fairness naman, kahit naman ganun, never pa kong na-snatch-an ng fone, nakidnap or anything. Gangster daw ako dun sabi nila Brent.


Then I would say,

"Sa totoo lang, prinsesa ko dun. Oo, ako yung leader nila. Kaya yun, hindi nila ko ginagalaw", as if they would believe that!

In fact, it's really not so scary there. May instances. Pero pag alam naman nila na friend ka, they're nice to you. Hindi naman kami nangangagat. An alternative way to say it is maybe they're just having that facade so that walang mangaagrabyado sa kanila. I guess may trait na din akong ganun. Not that I always get into fights, in fact, I haven't been in a bloodshedding one. Maybe in a verbal with my former friends but still, we made up immediately and it was a petty thing. We just laugh whenever it crosses our minds.

So kahit gusto ko na talagang talakan yung mga neighbors, I just tried to concentrate on the screen that was in front of me. Just so I could control my temper and for them to dissolve right there and then.

After all, ang image ni Ria dun - "Ah yung hindi lumalabas ng bahay?, Yung sinasabi niya noon palang bata siya na makikita siya sa TV after ilang years?"

Diba parang bait-baitan? Paano, konti na nga lang kaming teens na hindi pasaway dun, gagaya pa ko? I am better off doing other things that be like them.

But If I were to choose, mahal ko pa din ang Tondo. Maybe that is the reason why I refuse to live at our house in Nova. Basta. Ganun talaga eh. You cant force someone to change instantly.

And I'm still happy to be here.

Thank you very much!

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