Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby, You're a Firework!

I can't believe I'm writing again during the year's end. That only means one thing, another fruitful year is yet to say goodbye to me. But this would probably the year that makes me sad to say my farewell to. Not just because it has been good to me, but it brings so much joy, luck, happiness, and most of all, LOVE :)

Recap of 2010:

January- Started moving on to a lost love. Fought with not-very-worth it people, went to Camp Crame, was asked for a date at Camp Crame, reunited with Brent at the Meralco Village, planned my first out of town trip without a boyfriend, saw Diether Ocampo in flesh, rediscovered the inner Sherlock Holmes in me, attended Karch and Jet's "Sila Na!" party.

February- Celebrated my first Chinese New Year's Day with my Marketing Family, lost my handy dandy camera, spent the first Valentine's Day dateless but with friends, started winning contests and actually got thinner. (Well where did that go? hahah :P)

March- Attended the Paramore concert, went to Zoobic Safari and Zoocobia for free, met Jeff for the very first time at Megamall, won another Cosmo contest, started exclusively dating Jeff :)

April- Took my first Ilocandia trip with Mench going to Pagudpud, Laoag and Vigan, said YES to Jeff on the 18th.

May- Started introducing him to friends, met his sister, voted for Gordon but didn't win during the National Elections, introduced him to Mom and family, reunited with Carmela, went to Puerto Galera with Karch and the gang and marked it as Jeff and I's first out of town trip, Sir Melan and Red exchanged vows, us as the wedding planners that day.

June- Reunited with my LMHMC (Elementary) classmates, broke up with him but hey love's gonna bring us back together. :), introduced him to my Dad, he introduced me too to his Dad, wore my first RSB uniform, President Noy's Oath Taking.

July- Celebrated friends' birthdays, found basketball as new love, got active on bloggers' events, movies galore!

August- Saw BoyzIIMen's concert, won more movie contests, attended the Entrepreneur's Summit and Blogger Fiesta.

September- my 25th Birthday! :D, more movie screenings, attended the Cosmo Bachelor Bash with Kara, Jeff and I's Tagaytay Trip, won and watched Supafest.

October- Reunited with my HS friends, covered the FMCC event, Baguio Trip with Jeff, Mench and Alvin, tried SM Bowling for the very first time, Belle de Jour Fair, Tron Night, RSB's Lifestyle Expo.

November- covered RWM's Grand Fiesta Launch, found out that I have PCOS and needs to lose weight and start helping myself, went to Enchanted Kingdom with Karch, Jet, Jeff and Les, won Harry Potter tickets :)

December- Reunion with my pretty cousins Len and Ate Obry, won at the Samsung Alter Ego event, reunited with my CCD loves, went to Meralco again but now with Carol, Khamz and Grace, Marketing has a new office, Xzeno's Christmas Party, met his grandma and his grandad, had our Retail Banking Group's Christmas Party at PICC, danced with the RBG Girls, went to Subic, fine dined at Chef's Table with Brent and Nina.

My whole year was quite colorful. I couldn't, for the life of me, have it any other way. Trials might have been and passed, but it was part of the most cherished memories of 2010. Even if I have to repeat it all over again, I probably wouldn't change anything, for it happened for the best.

Now that 2010 is coming to a close and 2011 is just hours away, I am wishing for more happy times, more lovely memories, resolutions of dilemmas, and a start of yet another wonderful year.

So for the people made 2010 wonderful, let us continue to rock 2011. After all, a new year is another chapter for us to write on.

Have a Happy New Year everyone! More luck and love to us all! :D

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pinoy and Modern: Chef's Table with Chef Bruce Lim

'Tis the season to be jolly and festive! And since my luck during the Belle De Jour Fair won me a gift card to one of the poshest fine dining restaurants in the Metro, I invited my friends Nina and Brent to try Chef's Table at Infinity Tower, The Fort.

Just by entering the restaurant, you could already notice that you are in for a real five-star treat. The first thing we saw are the bald chefs that were busy with their own cooking. I even joked about Brent that they don't need hairnets anymore since they were all bald already. I found out afterwards that its for hygienic purposes. But hey, its still good PR since they looked as if they match one another.

After they had our orders, Brent noticed a pencil near my table napkin. Avi, Nina's daughter already drew at the brown paper that also serves as our placemats. And since I am such a frustrated artist, I drew a comic version of the four of us. Good thing Avi recognized who's who in the picture.

Since Brent has to go to work, and I trying to be a role model ninang, we just ordered Lemongrass Iced Tea (Php80) for drinks. We were tempted to try their house cocktails, but we'll just get one when Avi's not around.

For our appetizer, we ordered the Fried Pusit (Php230), which was not that much fried, but was super good nonetheless. The green mango salad put in a little twist that I felt as if its freshly caught and that I'm currently eating at the beach.

Next up, we had the Ginataang Sitaw (Php120). I never really imagined how they made me look at sitaw in a new light. According to the menu, it is sauteed with bagoong alamang. Now I'm not sure if there are any in it, but the dish seemed modern for good ol' sitaw.

Afterwards, the Kare-Kare (P450) came in. We were expecting that there will be a lot of sauce in it, but were dumbfounded when it was served. I enjoyed the bagoong and even raced with Nina for it. The pork was so soft and we chomped it until the last piece. I'm just not sure if the price is worth it, but we wanted more!

Lastly, we had the Kalderetang Lamb (Php510). How was it heavenly good? They separated the chili into the meat, while the potato were sticked to the sauce. If you do not fancy the chili stuff, you can just eat the remaining pieces. But then, its best eaten the kaldereta way. Spicy and succulent. I can have loads of this, thank you very much.

Good food and great friends, what more can I ask for? I'm glad my UST best friends joined me in my yet another food trip. My verdict? A whopping 9 stars for the service, taste and price. Chef's Table is one of the gems in the restaurant industry. Its homey, yet modern. The dishes were expensive, but basing on the satisfying feast that we all enjoyed, its very well worth it. Thanks to Celebrity Chef Bruce Lim, we had a great night, delightfully full and satisfied.

Nina and I, outside Chef's Table

And of course, we all love the very outspoken Avi. :)

Chef's Table is located at Unit 106, The Infinity Tower, 26th Street, The Fort, Global City Taguig. For reservations, call: 399-1888 or visit their website at

Monday, December 20, 2010

To Families!

Wish Came True: A guy who sings well. And is so good to me. :D

Last Christmas, I gave *bleep* my heart, but the very next day, he gave it away, THIS YEAR, to save me from tears, I'll give it to someone special...

This song right here, literally happened last year. 2009 was a blue Christmas for me because the one person I relied on, cheated and broke my heart at exactly Christmas Eve. I was bawling my eyes out that the relationship I so much tried to keep was down the drain, and fragments have left off me forever. And so I wished to Santa that if he gives me a special someone this year, he'd better make it good. Just to make up for the nights I spent crying and the moments I fondly tried to be happy. And so Jeff came, and this year has been better than ever. :)

Fast forward to yesterday's festivities, I met people that are most important in Jeff's life. His churchmates, some of his friends (but then again, I was looking forward to meet this particular person but he still didn't make it happen ) But anyhoo, surprise, surprise, something awkward happened. Something I prepared myself a long time ago, but never realized that when situation calls for it, you'd never know how you'd feel. Bad? Not really. Uneasy? A bit. Good thing I was sitting next to his dad and told us we shouldn't leave. Out of respect for me. And seriously, that made my heart melt. That even though situations leave you feeling woozy, there are families who would be willing to protect you, even if you're not yet part of it.

And then there's his Mom. I actually have boyfriends whose mothers treat me like their own daughter. Fortunately, Tita Juliet is one of them. She never made me feel like an outsider. And even apologized for that weird scenario. Just when I was feeling that I am not part of that Jeff's world, his family, even his grandmother and granddad welcomed me wholeheartedly. And I just appreciate his family so much. That no matter how many stones someone would throw at me right now, they will be there to protect me, even if I'm not yet their own.

And there's also Jen, his sister. That even if she's miles apart, she never fails to ask me if I'm still okay and if I'm still sane despite all that's been happening for the past year.

So this, I must say, is one of the greatest Christmases I ever had. If the future doesn't permit me to have him, (But I really do pray that everything will be okay soon) I would still go back to his family's kindness towards me. To Jeff's family, may you always stay happy, and Merry Merry Christmas :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Little Black Dress

My Ticket to Fasyon

The last event that I went into with Samsung, made me play stylist for a day. But prior to the fashion show/activity, I spent two hours at Forever 21 to pull out 20k worth of men and women's clothes and accessories. But the first dress that caught my eye was the little black dress with the sequined ribbon belt. And I definitely have to include it to the clothes I pulled out.

This dress got me: hook, line and sinker.

During the actual event, I had to make an ensemble for a guy and a girl that falls into the "Conservative Yet Aggressive" category. Good thing the clothes that I picked out the night before was inspired by my theme. So my models Cassie and Edgar Allan won that day. So did I, with my media partner, Nana. Thanks to the very generous Samsung Mobile, we won a dual-sim phone and 2000 worth Gift Card at Forever 21. Then I found out that we will have a masquerade party at the office.

"Its a Sign!", I said. So I dragged my friend Mench at Megamall to finally use my prize. Told her I had to get the black dress that my model wore for the aggressive category. And the best part of it, they have it in my size. I was afraid that the dresses were too small for me, (i.e., the blue buttoned dress I saw last month) but this one fits well. I'm so happy I got the dress that I fell in love with, at first sight. I would also like to acknowledge the F21 Gift Card. It was accesible to use. Too bad it isnt reloadable. Though I still have 200+ worth of shopping in it. Visit for more lovely dresses and clothes.

What is your holiday outfit? I'm excited to wear mine this Christmas. Have a fashionable holiday everyone! :D

Monday, December 13, 2010

10 Fun Things I Can Do with a new Lenovo Laptop!

My gadgets need to retire already. So does my lappie, who turns off everytime I try to download my favorite Gossip Girl Series.

As YugaTech goes Ho-Ho-Ho this season, here are the 10 Fun Things I can do with a NEW LENOVO LAPTOP!

1. Use it to edit the photos that I take each and every day.
2. Play my favorite movies and watch the latest episodes of my favorite American Series.
3. Blog and practice my love for writing.
4. Watch my fitness exercise video in it. To look fab and fit this coming 2011.
5. Talk to my friends abroad --- and greet them during the holidays or for the heck of it, EVERY SINGLE DAY!
6. I can tweet daily, and even hourly updates to my friends
7. One Word: FACEBOOK :)
8. Check out my favorite celebrities and the bloggers that I admire.
9. Download new songs and even listen to the radio stations that play new tunes.
10. Check my emails whether I have invites to an event and even join contests like these :)

As part of my wishlist this Christmas, this is my official entry to Yugatech's Lenovo-YugaTech Laptop Give-away. Hope this helps me win! :D

Thursday, December 09, 2010


Photography and Music are two major factors in my life. So when my Dad asked me during the Christmas of 2007, I immediately answered that I would want to have a Nokia 7610 Supernova. Three years and counting, it gives me clear images that I use for blogging and listen to my favorite MP3's. Sometimes, I use my phone to sing my favorite songs with it. But as technology goes modern, I feel that my Supernova has to retire eventually.

Nokia C7 Boasts of its Numerous Mobile Features

Enter Nokia C7 and its superb features. This eye-candy does what more than meets your sight. Its sleek design is made from polished stainless steel and glass, touch screen phone that uses finger gestures to perform well. Pinch, flick and scroll are the three words you should remember while you use this work of art. You can never go wrong while looking at your messages, videos and images because of its vivid 3.5" high-resolution display, making them sharp and crisp.

Status Updated: In just one screen touch

Cant wait to update your profile in Facebook and Twitter? For social network addicts like myself, the Nokia C7 can easily access your profiles, never miss important events through its calendar feature, and the best part of it? You can already post status updates and recent photos directly from the home screen. It is so conventional that you don't need a browser to do those things anymore. Just one tap and you're good to go.

A GPS Navigation will not leave me clueless anymore

As a blogger, I get invites to different events. Sadly, I am not good with directions. Ask me about the shortest way to a specific location and I would rather get a cab to actually go there. But with Nokia C7, they are equipped with maps with *wait* FREE GPS NAVIGATION! So when I make my boyfriend drive me to this place, I wouldnt have to be late missing around and cuts the time locating my destination. Not only that, Nokia C7 has free lifetime navigation with turn-by-turn voice guidance. So the next time I have to go to this place, I wouldn't have to remember where I took rights and lefts anymore. All I need is one handy dandy phone. And since I am a certified wanderlust, I won't get lost when I travel. Just like this one time when we were backpacking in Ilocos, our map's consistency in not that tolerable, but with this phone, traveling will be a breeze. And all I have to do is relax and enjoy the trip.

Mobile entertainment at its best: What I love most in all Nokia Phones

Last, but definitely not the least, I want a Nokia C7 for Christmas because it is the best in mobile entertainment these days. Featuring an 8-megapixel camera, I can easily take high quality photos and high definition videos. It is functional because I dont need a separate digital camera and a mobile handset anymore. And as a music lover, its has an FM transmitter and I can easily make a playlist of my favorite tunes.

So long my Supernova 7610, we had good memories for a long time.
Maybe its time for you to rest

All work and no play makes me a dull girl. By having the Nokia C7 in my exciting and hectic lifestyle, I will be Fun, Functional, and Fearless this Christmas and in the coming year. So please, Nokia and Nuffnang, I have been a good girl this year. Please give me this ULTIMATE GIFT as I bid 2010 to a close.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Its The Time of The Year Again! Meralco Opens Christmas Village

The Huge Belen remembers Jesus' birth

Its Christmas again! And what better way to celebrate it than seeing the twinkling lights here and there. Fortunately for us in the Metro, a public Christmas Village has opened its doors once again and feast our eyes with magnificent lights and humongous displays.

The Family the Prays Together, Stays Together

Located at the Meralco Compound in Meralco Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City, The Christmas Village features a display of light and the icons of the traditional Yuletide Season in the Philippines. A giant Nativity statue made of copper wires, a concept of the "Simbang Gabi", Pinoy houses made of sawali are featured on the right side in front of the compound.

Beautiful Homes and Lights

While on the left side, American homes, a giant robot and a huge Christmas Tree was housed for the visitors to enjoy. You can even go upstairs of the houses, if you want to have your picture taken.

Choo, choo, chooooooo!

As an added treat, kids and kids-at-heart can ride the train that goes around the Christmas Village for free. But of course, we can hope for a shorter line. Good thing not too many people visited last night so we took turns on the train without waiting for so long.

Nothing beats a lovely tree for Christmas

The theme "Maliwanag ang Pasko" lived to our expectations. Although unlike last year, their lobby was also dressed up for the holidays. Now they have this miniature basketball court design. But dressed up lobby or not, the Meralco Christmas Village is a place worth visiting. And yes, its for kids from one to ninety-two.. and even further.

Did We or Did We Not?: Easy A

Many of us will say that High School is hard. But lies and rumors are even harder to deal with especially when you all made them up for a friend's expense.

To Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone), being in the limelight is completely new to her. But since her best friend Rhiannon (Alyson Michalka) thought her weekend with a college freshman was true, their classmate Marianne, (Amanda Bynes) a religious afficionado heard their conversation and started treating Olive like the spawn of Satan for having sex.

When she was defending herself during her literature class because she was being attacked for being just like Hester Prynne's character in Scarlett Letter, her teacher put her in detention and met Brandon (Dan Byrd). Talking to Brandon, Olive relates to him being an outcast so they devised a plan to make him look more of a human being. Since Brandon is an all out gay, Olive pretended to make him look hotter for the women and the envy of all men. Sadly, Brandon couldnt keep his mouth shut about their story so men who wanted to look cool sought Olive's help.

Unfortunately for Olive, her name was saddled for the nastiest rumor around. When Marianne's boyfriend, Micah (Cam Gigandet) was sent to the hospital due to clamydia, everyone thought she was open for business. Good thing her childhood friend, Todd (Penn Badgley) thinks otherwise.

With the nasty rumor mill, how can Olive really find a guy who really thinks of her as a lady love and not just an easy girl? Watch Easy A and discover Olive's quest to true love and cleaning her ruined reputation.

Four stars for this movie because I super love Emma Stone's antics. I've always loved her in The House Bunny, but in this movie, her being the lead star put me to laughing death with her crazy retorts that is so fit for high school. I loved her personality in this movie, where at first she doesnt really care about how people perceive her, but at the same time feel hurt because she couldnt defend herself anymore. Amanda Bynes played her role well. Although I'm not used to her as the "mean girl", her character is both a love-hate for me.

Watch this with your girlfriends and relive your high school days. Easy A might be the movie that you would wanna be related to and say "I wish I had her guts". :)

Friday, December 03, 2010

Entertainment redefined on the all new AXN Beyond

Press Release from AXN Beyond:

Get set to be blown away by the latest drama and entertainment shows on an all new, all awesome AXN Beyond channel. More than ever, viewers from the Philippines will enjoy a fresh and unrivalled programming line-up across a newly-expanded spectrum of genres, as AXN Beyond refreshes to redefine the entertainment experience like no other.

Turning into a ‘super-sized’ channel, AXN Beyond will serve up more monthly premieres from many more genres than before. Taking the definition of ‘entertainment’ to the limit, AXN Beyond will go beyond fun, feisty and fabulous with its variety of shows. These range from mystery and suspense, fantasy and science-fiction, paranormal and supernatural, fashion and design, to lifestyle and romance, across drama, variety, reality, sitcom, comedy, talk shows, movies and even music concerts.

Said Voo Chih Yeong, Head of AXN Beyond, “Viewers need to look no further than AXN Beyond for the latest shows across the variety of genres, as our channel will have something for just about everyone at a single destination. With a far more compelling entertainment experience, AXN Beyond now appeals to an even wider audience than before. Viewers who have come to enjoy the great programs on AXN will definitely love and appreciate the same world-class quality in the fresh content selection on the all new AXN Beyond.”

Indeed, AXN Beyond hails from the same team that brought Asia its top English general entertainment channel, AXN. As a fresh, hip and energetic TV destination, the new AXN Beyond draws audiences across a wide range of demographics seeking new and exciting entertainment choices, and has its sweet spot among male and female viewers aged 18 – 35.

‘Superduperlicious Tuesdays’ on AXN Beyond!

Viewers are set for ‘Superduperlicious Tuesday’ evenings as AXN Beyond serves up a back-to-back series of the channel’s very latest shows, all premiering on Tuesday, December 7, 2010! The fun begins with reality talk show The Marriage Ref, as celebrities such as Madonna, Demi Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow pass judgement on real-life couples’ marriages.

That leads to light-hearted series like Drop Dead Diva Season 2 which continues the life of shallow model Deb (Brooke Elliott) whose soul ends up in the body of a brilliant, plus-size attorney. The night’s fun culminates in AXN Beyond’s headliner of the month – fresh new legal comedic drama The Defenders which stars Jim Belushi (According to Jim) and Jerry O’Connell (Sliders) as colourful Las Vegas defence attorneys.

Beyond Fun, Feisty & Fabulous

In the same month, AXN Beyond will bring on some of television’s most compelling stories in its latest drama offerings. Viewers will be captivated by the intrigue in Caprica, prequel toBattlestar Galactica and television’s first science-fiction family saga. Audiences will also get caught in the suspense of Persons Unknown, a mystery drama following seven trapped strangers whose every move is watched.

Reality entertainment on AXN Beyond is far from the usual stuck-on-an-island-fighting-for-survival shows, but is fun-to-watch yet nail-biting fare. Fierce competition, over-the-top backstabbing and catfights in reality series await in Top Chef Masters and The Rachel Zoe Project, while The Real Housewives of New York Season 2 sneaks a peek into the lavish lifestyles of the rich in the Big Apple.

Adding more than a dash of glitz and glamour is Scream 2010, the world’s first and only awards show celebrating the best in science-fiction, fantasy, comics and horror. Music lovers will enjoy Beyoncé I Am... Yours, a spectacular ‘live’ concert by singer-songwriter Beyoncé Knowles’ at Wynn Las Vegas.

With all that and more, viewers will surely adore the all-new, all awesome entertainment experience with the latest shows across the greatest variety of genres, unveiling this December on the fresh, hip and super-sized AXN Beyond.

Please see the attached list of programming highlights for detailed show synopses and tune-in information.

Your browser may not support display of this image. The Defenders

Premieres December 7, 2010, airing Tuesdays 9.50pm first and exclusively on AXN Beyond

The Defenders is a comedic drama about two colourful Las Vegas defence attorneys who go all-in when it comes to representing their clients. Nick (Jim Belushi, According to Jim) andPete (Jerry O’Çonnell, Sliders, Crossing Jordan) are the local go-to guys with an eclectic client list who are still looking to hit their own jackpot.

Leading the law firm of Morelli & Kaczmarek are Nick Morelli, an earnest, hard-charging attorney who represents his clients to the best of his ability, no matter how big or small the case; and his partner, Pete Kaczmarek, whose passion for the law is matched only by his love of fast cars, beautiful women and expensive clothes.

Joining them in their growing law practice is new associate Lisa Tyler (Jurnee Smollett, The Great Debaters), an enthusiastic young attorney looking to put her exotic dancing days behind her; and their young assistant, Sophie (Tanya Fischer, Life On Mars), a spunky and sweet ingénue who is eager to please her bosses.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Caprica

Begins Dec 9, 2010, 10pm in a two-episode TV premiere event, with subsequent episodes airing Thursdays 10pm on AXN Beyond

Set 50 years before Battlestar Galactica, Caprica follows two rival families – the Graystones and the Adamas. Bound together by tragedy, their ensuing struggle will determine the fate of the 12 Colonies. Caprica is a society rife with advanced technology. Little do they know they are trembling on the brink of the creation of the first cybernetic life-form node, or ‘CYLON’.

The Graystones and Adamas come from different cultures and wildly different socio-economic backgrounds. Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz) is a computer genius and the leading businessman of the 12 Colonies. His wife, Amanda Graystone (Paula Malcolmson) is an elite neurosurgeon. Joseph Adama (Esai Morales) is an immigrant, a lawyer with ties to the mob, and a father who is desperate to reconnect with his estranged son, William (Sina Najafi). Their bitter rivalry will bring the end of life as they know it. Their children are the future.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Drop Dead Diva Season 2

Premieres Dec 7, 2010, airing Tuesdays 9pm on AXN Beyond

Returning for a second season, comedic drama Drop Dead Diva continues the story of a shallow wannabe model that dies in a sudden accident, only to find her soul resurfacing in the body of a brilliant, plus-size and recently deceased attorney, Jane.

At the close of last season, Deb was ready to let go of her past and embrace her new life as Jane. But the unexpected arrival of Jane’s “secret” husband, Ethan (Devon Gummersall), at her doorstep left her with more questions than ever. To make matters worse, Jane may be disbarred after breaching client-attorney confidentiality when, against the firm’s advisement, she reported her client for fraud. Faced with a new love triangle and the uncertainty of her career, Jane must, once again, chart out a new future for herself…

The 13-episode second season of Drop Dead Diva features breakout star Brooke Elliott (Wicked, Taboo”), Margaret Cho (Ghost Whisperer, Notorious C.H.O.), Jackson Hurst (The Tree of Life), Kate Levering (Cashmere Mafia), April Bowlby (Two and a Half Men), Josh Stamberg (Lie to Me) and Ben Feldman (The Perfect Man).The Season 2 opener of Drop Dead Diva will feature entertainer Paula Abdul (American Idol) reprising her role as Judge Paula Abdul, a figment of Jane’s subconscious. Devon Gummersall (“My So-Called Life”) and David Denman (“The Office”) return as guest stars this season.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Persons Unknown

Premieres Dec 27, 2010, airing Mondays, 9pm first & exclusively on AXN Beyond

From Academy Award-winning writer Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) comesPersons Unknown, a mystery drama in which a group of seven strangers is taken from their lives and trapped in a deserted town with no recollection of how they got there.

The eclectic group of strangers are Charlie Morse (Alan Ruck, Spin City); Janet Cooper (Daisy Betts, Shutter); Joe Tucker (Jason Wiles, Third Watch); Bill Blackham (Sean O’Bryan, Six Feet Under); Moira Doherty (Tina Holmes, Six Feet Under); Sergeant Graham McNair (Chadwick Boseman, Lincoln Heights); Tori Fairchild (Kate Lang Johnson, Days of our Lives); Erika Taylor (Kandyse McClure, Battlestar Galactica); Mark Renbe (Gerald Kyd, Casuality); and Kat Damatto (Lola Glaudini, Invincible).

Held hostage, the strangers are constantly watched by omnipresent ‘security’ cameras with no idea who or what is behind them. Every attempt to leave is thwarted by unforeseen circumstances, which seem to derive from mysterious forces. At every turn, these strangers-turned-comrades are threatened physically, psychologically and emotionally. Their chance at survival is to rely on each other…

Your browser may not support display of this image.

The Marriage Ref

Premieres Dec 7, 2010, airing Tuesdays, 8:10pm, first and exclusively on AXN Beyond

Jerry Seinfeld is back and in the producer's chair for a funny and revealing comedy panel seriesThe Marriage Ref, about the unpredictable and hilarious institution commonly known as marriage. In The Marriage Ref, disputes between real-life couples are revealed, examined - and ultimately judged.

For the first time, audiences will be able to look at these fights, analyze them and declare a winner. At the centre of the action and making "the call", is popular comedian Tom Papa (The Informant!) who will have the final say in determining the victor of each spat.

Advising and influencing the Ref's decision will be a rotating panel of ‘experts’ comprising top celebrities, comedians and sports stars who will weigh in and offer their own wit, wisdom and unique opinions. Guest stars featuring through the series include Tina Fey, Eva Longoria Parker, Larry David, Ricky Gervais, Madonna, Martha Stewart, Sheryl Crow, Tracy Morgan, Gloria Estefan, Donald Trump and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

Scream 2010

Premieres Dec 19, 2010 Sunday, 7:10pm on AXN Beyond

Scream 2010 is the world’s first and only awards show dedicated to honouring the best in the science-fiction, fantasy, comics and horror genres. In its fifth year in 2010, Scream saw 33 spike-shaped show and individual performance trophies presented, including the top honour for the best production in the business named ‘The Ultimate Scream’. A star-studded, glamorous and ultimately fun-filled awards show, Scream 2010 will have celebrities such as Halle Berry, Bill Murray, Blake Lively, and Megan Fox letting their hair down.

Christopher Nolan's summer science-fiction blockbuster movie Inception leads the way with nominations in 14 categories, with other popular movies Kick-Ass and Iron Man 2 close behind.True Blood had the most nominations of any TV series with 10.

Scream 2010 also continues the tradition of featuring exclusive World Premieres from some of the most anticipated movies of the year to come including Scream 4, The Rite, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1, Paranormal Activity 2 and Super. In addition, the awards show will honour the 25th anniversary of the original Back to the Future film, with Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and the time-travelling DeLorean car reuniting. Also, the recently-concluded landmark mystery-adventure series Lost will see a farewell tribute with cast and crew on stage.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Beyoncé I Am... Yours

Premieres Dec 18, 2010, Saturday, 9pm first and exclusively on AXN Beyond

Filmed at the Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas, the Beyoncé I Am... Yours concert features performances of over 30 songs from Beyoncé’s three multi-platinum solo releases, ‘Destiny’s Child’ catalogue and a few surprises. These include #1 hits, “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),” “If I Were A Boy,” “Halo,” “Sweet Dreams” and showcases a gut-wrenching performance of “That’s Why You’re Beautiful.” Also to look out for is the biographical storytelling woven between many songs and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Samsung Punch! The Best of Both Worlds in One Sleek QWERTY Style!

Press Release from Samsung:

Having problems with too many phones? Don’t you just wish you only have one phone, to connect to all of your friends?

Samsung gives you the best of both worlds with the new Samsung Punch ch@t322! It’s a dual SIM phone that allows you to enjoy the benefits and promos of two different SIMs in one phone!

Samsung Punch ch@t322 is better than your average dual SIM phone because it is also dual active. This means your 2 SIMs are simultaneously active so you can receive your texts and calls from both SIMs at the same time!

Choosing which of the 2 SIMs to use is also made easier. With a flick of a button, the phone switches between your SIMs automatically!

Samsung Punch ch@t322 comes in a sleek QWERTY style for easier typing of messages. For a better navigation experience, it also has an optical track pad that lets you smoothly move along the phone screen as you would in your notebooks and netbooks.

Other features include a 1.3 mega pixel camera, quick links to your favorite social networking sites such as Facebook & Twitter, and Bluetooth connectivity. Samsung Punch ch@t322 is available in the market for only P5199 (SRP). With all these amazing features and at such an affordable price, the Samsung Punch ch@t322 is the ultimate dual SIM phone. That’s a knockout!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Movie That's So Hard to Forget: My Amnesia Girl

From the looks of the trailer, one could compare My Amnesia Girl to Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler's 50 First Dates because Irene (Toni Gonzaga) did not recognize Apollo (John Lloyd Cruz) when they bumped into each other at the supermarket.

Fast forward to the movie, Apollo is a networking executive who almost "has it all" except for the girl to share it with. During his friend's wedding, he sensed his loneliness when his whole barkada has their own happy relationships. The boys (Joross Gamboa, Carlos Agassi, JM De Guzman, Ketchup Eusebio) were all looking out for a perfect pair for him but no one passed his standards. When they were all dwelling on Apollo's ex-girlfriends, they all reminisced one special girl whom he loved the most but was left alone in the altar, Irene.

Meeting at a speed dating service, Irene is a photographer whom Apollo set his eyes on during the event. They quipped pick-up lines such as "Miss, naniniwala ka ba sa first sight?, eh sa second sight? Pwede" and "Siguro kung bola ka, hindi kita mashoo-shoot, kasi lagi kitang mamimiss". Corny as it maybe, but Toni Gonzaga and John Lloyd Cruz's body expressions make the audience go "awwww" and laugh out so loud every single time.

After a few days, Apollo stumbled upon Irene at a grocery and asked her how she was. But then she replied "Sino ka nga? Magkakilala ba tayo? May amnesia kasi ako eh". The latter was stunned because there he is, standing face to face with the girl whom he hurted the most and couldnt even remember a single thing about them. Lucky for him, he used the opportunity to get close to Irene again thinking that he has a second chance. Too bad Irene thinks otherwise.

Just when they were getting close again, Irene filled Apollo with a story that her friends told her before her "amnesia" happened about the guy who stood her up in the altar. She mentioned that she waited even after the guy walked out on him because she thinks that he would come back to her. But going home devastated, she met up with a car accident and then she couldnt remember anything since that day. Apollo, still didnt have the courage to tell the truth, said "Baka akala niya pag kinasal kayo, puro kayo nalang, wala na yung AKO. Sa huli ko na lang nalaman na mas hindi ko pala kaya pag wala ka". Then I cried because I think I heard that line before. :(

So in Apollo's effort to make up to Irene, he devised a plan to bring back the 27 years that were lost to her during the accident. A birthday party celebrating the milestones of her existence. The 18 roses was the best part of it.

I'm giving five stars to this movie. I applaud Toni Gonzaga's emotions during the film and how she manages to show her sorrows. John Lloyd was all over amazing. He's a natural to dramas like this. And we all thought this pair up was weird? Well, they both jive together. They're both goofy together. I guess that's the magic in it. Even their friends are the best! Bea Saw is so cute in this film. You know her tiny voice makes me wanna love her and crush her at the same time. The funniest of them all is Joross Gamboa. Even in JLC's previous movies, (A Very Special Love, You Changed My Life) he was always the guy who throws super funny retorts that makes the audience die of laughter.

Will Irene finally remember Apollo and his past? And would Apollo finally tell the truth? Watch Amnesia Girl to find out and get kilig all over the team up of Toni and Lloydie. :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Delightfully Sinful: KFC's Double Down

Last night, I joined the bandwagon that is Double Down. The craze that started weeks ago made this sinful dish a whopping sold out for almost a week. A friend of mine went to this KFC store near his place and he couldnt order at 3:00 PM because they dont have the sandwich anymore.

The KFC Double Down Sandwich is an exceptional meal of "two thick and juicy boneless white meat chicken filets (Original Recipe or Grilled), two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese and Colonel's Sauce".

KFC Original Recipe® Double Down Nutritional Content are as follows: Calories: 540, Fat (g): 32 and Sodium (mg) 1380. Meanwhile, KFC Grilled Double Down has: Calories: 460, Fat (g): 23 and Sodium (mg): 1430.

See why I said its sinful? My diet will go ka-blam with this baby. Its good alright, the chicken is so tender, the cheese mixes perfectly with the dish, the bacon though, was slightly tasted. The only catch is, its oily, salty and fatty. Mine was sweating with oil and I needed to eat rice with it just so it wouldnt grease that much. Oh and a tip while eating it? More gravy and water.

Four stars for this amazing breakthrough in sandwich history. But definitely good to share with your date. Share your blessings, share the fats. :P

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Beginning of the End: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is the seventh installment to the Harry Potter Saga. And by far, I think it is the best HP movie ever!

David Yates gave a full blown production for this movie. Eventhough the scenes were not made in 3D, the settings, vivid sceneries and the darkness of the film were depicted beautifully. Somehow, you would learn to mourn with the movie, not because of who dies during the fight scenes, but because of the gloominess of the once "almost perfect" Wizarding World.

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) were amazing as ever. Harry Potter showed his feelings and despair well due to the loss of the people who matter to him (Dumbledore, Sirius Black, His Parents). In his longing to search for the Horcruxes, he presented his desire to defeat Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) and journeyed with him, even in all his frustrations. Hermione and Ron were simply fabulous. Their expressions and movements blend well with the story. Especially the part where the Dark Lord was testing Ron of his insecurities. The kiss though, was over the top, full on weird. It was so sensual that it made my jaw drop then and there.

My favorite scene would probably be the one with Dobby in it. As usual, I cried buckets afterwards. Second to it is Bill and Fleur's wedding. I loved how happy they were and that would probably be the scene where they tried to be happy even if they are dwelling in war. I also am raving on the kitchen scene, where George saw Harry and Ginny kissing. Probably the highest point of the comedy scenes. The chapter, The Seven Potters were so funny too! Oh and Hermione's story telling The Deathly Hallows. The scene was so epic and the visuals were so inviting.

I am rating a five on this movie. And let me end my review with a wise quote from Ron, "Twilight? Mum said midnight. Midnight’s better than twilight." Yes, folks, I would never trade HP over Twilight any time of the day.

Catch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 if you haven't seen it yet. It is definitely the best movie 2010's ever had. :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One More Day To Go...

And its Harry Potter movie time once again. Since I have waited for a year to watch this, I'll make sure to go to the movie theater tomorrow, November 18, on its first day of showing. And I know that this one will truly be a tearjerker (well, the Part 2 will mostly be), but the fact that too many characters in this movie will die is enough for me to whip up the tissues. One last movie to go and its bye bye Harry Potter already. But for most years, the magic stays with us. And Harry, Ron, Hermione and the other cast will forever be in our hearts. For sure, I'd be passing their stories until the next generation. :)

We will miss you Harry! :D And as a parting line from Dumbledore in the last book, "Of course, its all in your head Harry, but it doesn't mean that it's not real", Harry Potter and his adventures will always be real in our hearts.


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