Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Many of us will say that High School is hard. But lies and rumors are even harder to deal with especially when you all made them up for a friend's expense.

To Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone), being in the limelight is completely new to her. But since her best friend Rhiannon (Alyson Michalka) thought her weekend with a college freshman was true, their classmate Marianne, (Amanda Bynes) a religious afficionado heard their conversation and started treating Olive like the spawn of Satan for having sex.

When she was defending herself during her literature class because she was being attacked for being just like Hester Prynne's character in Scarlett Letter, her teacher put her in detention and met Brandon (Dan Byrd). Talking to Brandon, Olive relates to him being an outcast so they devised a plan to make him look more of a human being. Since Brandon is an all out gay, Olive pretended to make him look hotter for the women and the envy of all men. Sadly, Brandon couldnt keep his mouth shut about their story so men who wanted to look cool sought Olive's help.

Unfortunately for Olive, her name was saddled for the nastiest rumor around. When Marianne's boyfriend, Micah (Cam Gigandet) was sent to the hospital due to clamydia, everyone thought she was open for business. Good thing her childhood friend, Todd (Penn Badgley) thinks otherwise.

With the nasty rumor mill, how can Olive really find a guy who really thinks of her as a lady love and not just an easy girl? Watch Easy A and discover Olive's quest to true love and cleaning her ruined reputation.

Four stars for this movie because I super love Emma Stone's antics. I've always loved her in The House Bunny, but in this movie, her being the lead star put me to laughing death with her crazy retorts that is so fit for high school. I loved her personality in this movie, where at first she doesnt really care about how people perceive her, but at the same time feel hurt because she couldnt defend herself anymore. Amanda Bynes played her role well. Although I'm not used to her as the "mean girl", her character is both a love-hate for me.

Watch this with your girlfriends and relive your high school days. Easy A might be the movie that you would wanna be related to and say "I wish I had her guts". :)

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