Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Ticket to Fasyon

The last event that I went into with Samsung, made me play stylist for a day. But prior to the fashion show/activity, I spent two hours at Forever 21 to pull out 20k worth of men and women's clothes and accessories. But the first dress that caught my eye was the little black dress with the sequined ribbon belt. And I definitely have to include it to the clothes I pulled out.

This dress got me: hook, line and sinker.

During the actual event, I had to make an ensemble for a guy and a girl that falls into the "Conservative Yet Aggressive" category. Good thing the clothes that I picked out the night before was inspired by my theme. So my models Cassie and Edgar Allan won that day. So did I, with my media partner, Nana. Thanks to the very generous Samsung Mobile, we won a dual-sim phone and 2000 worth Gift Card at Forever 21. Then I found out that we will have a masquerade party at the office.

"Its a Sign!", I said. So I dragged my friend Mench at Megamall to finally use my prize. Told her I had to get the black dress that my model wore for the aggressive category. And the best part of it, they have it in my size. I was afraid that the dresses were too small for me, (i.e., the blue buttoned dress I saw last month) but this one fits well. I'm so happy I got the dress that I fell in love with, at first sight. I would also like to acknowledge the F21 Gift Card. It was accesible to use. Too bad it isnt reloadable. Though I still have 200+ worth of shopping in it. Visit for more lovely dresses and clothes.

What is your holiday outfit? I'm excited to wear mine this Christmas. Have a fashionable holiday everyone! :D


How do you get to events? Sa work ba yan?


Hi Mommynins. No, Karch set me up with Samsung's PR. They need bloggers kasi that time for the event. :) Eh since she couldnt go because of an assignment at Albay, she asked me to proxy for her :D


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Nice Post :D


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