Tuesday, November 30, 2010

From the looks of the trailer, one could compare My Amnesia Girl to Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler's 50 First Dates because Irene (Toni Gonzaga) did not recognize Apollo (John Lloyd Cruz) when they bumped into each other at the supermarket.

Fast forward to the movie, Apollo is a networking executive who almost "has it all" except for the girl to share it with. During his friend's wedding, he sensed his loneliness when his whole barkada has their own happy relationships. The boys (Joross Gamboa, Carlos Agassi, JM De Guzman, Ketchup Eusebio) were all looking out for a perfect pair for him but no one passed his standards. When they were all dwelling on Apollo's ex-girlfriends, they all reminisced one special girl whom he loved the most but was left alone in the altar, Irene.

Meeting at a speed dating service, Irene is a photographer whom Apollo set his eyes on during the event. They quipped pick-up lines such as "Miss, naniniwala ka ba sa first sight?, eh sa second sight? Pwede" and "Siguro kung bola ka, hindi kita mashoo-shoot, kasi lagi kitang mamimiss". Corny as it maybe, but Toni Gonzaga and John Lloyd Cruz's body expressions make the audience go "awwww" and laugh out so loud every single time.

After a few days, Apollo stumbled upon Irene at a grocery and asked her how she was. But then she replied "Sino ka nga? Magkakilala ba tayo? May amnesia kasi ako eh". The latter was stunned because there he is, standing face to face with the girl whom he hurted the most and couldnt even remember a single thing about them. Lucky for him, he used the opportunity to get close to Irene again thinking that he has a second chance. Too bad Irene thinks otherwise.

Just when they were getting close again, Irene filled Apollo with a story that her friends told her before her "amnesia" happened about the guy who stood her up in the altar. She mentioned that she waited even after the guy walked out on him because she thinks that he would come back to her. But going home devastated, she met up with a car accident and then she couldnt remember anything since that day. Apollo, still didnt have the courage to tell the truth, said "Baka akala niya pag kinasal kayo, puro kayo nalang, wala na yung AKO. Sa huli ko na lang nalaman na mas hindi ko pala kaya pag wala ka". Then I cried because I think I heard that line before. :(

So in Apollo's effort to make up to Irene, he devised a plan to bring back the 27 years that were lost to her during the accident. A birthday party celebrating the milestones of her existence. The 18 roses was the best part of it.

I'm giving five stars to this movie. I applaud Toni Gonzaga's emotions during the film and how she manages to show her sorrows. John Lloyd was all over amazing. He's a natural to dramas like this. And we all thought this pair up was weird? Well, they both jive together. They're both goofy together. I guess that's the magic in it. Even their friends are the best! Bea Saw is so cute in this film. You know her tiny voice makes me wanna love her and crush her at the same time. The funniest of them all is Joross Gamboa. Even in JLC's previous movies, (A Very Special Love, You Changed My Life) he was always the guy who throws super funny retorts that makes the audience die of laughter.

Will Irene finally remember Apollo and his past? And would Apollo finally tell the truth? Watch Amnesia Girl to find out and get kilig all over the team up of Toni and Lloydie. :)

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