Thursday, December 02, 2010

Press Release from Samsung:

Having problems with too many phones? Don’t you just wish you only have one phone, to connect to all of your friends?

Samsung gives you the best of both worlds with the new Samsung Punch ch@t322! It’s a dual SIM phone that allows you to enjoy the benefits and promos of two different SIMs in one phone!

Samsung Punch ch@t322 is better than your average dual SIM phone because it is also dual active. This means your 2 SIMs are simultaneously active so you can receive your texts and calls from both SIMs at the same time!

Choosing which of the 2 SIMs to use is also made easier. With a flick of a button, the phone switches between your SIMs automatically!

Samsung Punch ch@t322 comes in a sleek QWERTY style for easier typing of messages. For a better navigation experience, it also has an optical track pad that lets you smoothly move along the phone screen as you would in your notebooks and netbooks.

Other features include a 1.3 mega pixel camera, quick links to your favorite social networking sites such as Facebook & Twitter, and Bluetooth connectivity. Samsung Punch ch@t322 is available in the market for only P5199 (SRP). With all these amazing features and at such an affordable price, the Samsung Punch ch@t322 is the ultimate dual SIM phone. That’s a knockout!


Hi, does this include WIFI?


Hi Mariel! No, Samsung Punch doesnt have WIFI. But they have an internet browser via GPRS :)


Is it 3G?


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