Thursday, December 09, 2010

Photography and Music are two major factors in my life. So when my Dad asked me during the Christmas of 2007, I immediately answered that I would want to have a Nokia 7610 Supernova. Three years and counting, it gives me clear images that I use for blogging and listen to my favorite MP3's. Sometimes, I use my phone to sing my favorite songs with it. But as technology goes modern, I feel that my Supernova has to retire eventually.

Nokia C7 Boasts of its Numerous Mobile Features

Enter Nokia C7 and its superb features. This eye-candy does what more than meets your sight. Its sleek design is made from polished stainless steel and glass, touch screen phone that uses finger gestures to perform well. Pinch, flick and scroll are the three words you should remember while you use this work of art. You can never go wrong while looking at your messages, videos and images because of its vivid 3.5" high-resolution display, making them sharp and crisp.

Status Updated: In just one screen touch

Cant wait to update your profile in Facebook and Twitter? For social network addicts like myself, the Nokia C7 can easily access your profiles, never miss important events through its calendar feature, and the best part of it? You can already post status updates and recent photos directly from the home screen. It is so conventional that you don't need a browser to do those things anymore. Just one tap and you're good to go.

A GPS Navigation will not leave me clueless anymore

As a blogger, I get invites to different events. Sadly, I am not good with directions. Ask me about the shortest way to a specific location and I would rather get a cab to actually go there. But with Nokia C7, they are equipped with maps with *wait* FREE GPS NAVIGATION! So when I make my boyfriend drive me to this place, I wouldnt have to be late missing around and cuts the time locating my destination. Not only that, Nokia C7 has free lifetime navigation with turn-by-turn voice guidance. So the next time I have to go to this place, I wouldn't have to remember where I took rights and lefts anymore. All I need is one handy dandy phone. And since I am a certified wanderlust, I won't get lost when I travel. Just like this one time when we were backpacking in Ilocos, our map's consistency in not that tolerable, but with this phone, traveling will be a breeze. And all I have to do is relax and enjoy the trip.

Mobile entertainment at its best: What I love most in all Nokia Phones

Last, but definitely not the least, I want a Nokia C7 for Christmas because it is the best in mobile entertainment these days. Featuring an 8-megapixel camera, I can easily take high quality photos and high definition videos. It is functional because I dont need a separate digital camera and a mobile handset anymore. And as a music lover, its has an FM transmitter and I can easily make a playlist of my favorite tunes.

So long my Supernova 7610, we had good memories for a long time.
Maybe its time for you to rest

All work and no play makes me a dull girl. By having the Nokia C7 in my exciting and hectic lifestyle, I will be Fun, Functional, and Fearless this Christmas and in the coming year. So please, Nokia and Nuffnang, I have been a good girl this year. Please give me this ULTIMATE GIFT as I bid 2010 to a close.

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