Friday, December 31, 2010

I can't believe I'm writing again during the year's end. That only means one thing, another fruitful year is yet to say goodbye to me. But this would probably the year that makes me sad to say my farewell to. Not just because it has been good to me, but it brings so much joy, luck, happiness, and most of all, LOVE :)

Recap of 2010:

January- Started moving on to a lost love. Fought with not-very-worth it people, went to Camp Crame, was asked for a date at Camp Crame, reunited with Brent at the Meralco Village, planned my first out of town trip without a boyfriend, saw Diether Ocampo in flesh, rediscovered the inner Sherlock Holmes in me, attended Karch and Jet's "Sila Na!" party.

February- Celebrated my first Chinese New Year's Day with my Marketing Family, lost my handy dandy camera, spent the first Valentine's Day dateless but with friends, started winning contests and actually got thinner. (Well where did that go? hahah :P)

March- Attended the Paramore concert, went to Zoobic Safari and Zoocobia for free, met Jeff for the very first time at Megamall, won another Cosmo contest, started exclusively dating Jeff :)

April- Took my first Ilocandia trip with Mench going to Pagudpud, Laoag and Vigan, said YES to Jeff on the 18th.

May- Started introducing him to friends, met his sister, voted for Gordon but didn't win during the National Elections, introduced him to Mom and family, reunited with Carmela, went to Puerto Galera with Karch and the gang and marked it as Jeff and I's first out of town trip, Sir Melan and Red exchanged vows, us as the wedding planners that day.

June- Reunited with my LMHMC (Elementary) classmates, broke up with him but hey love's gonna bring us back together. :), introduced him to my Dad, he introduced me too to his Dad, wore my first RSB uniform, President Noy's Oath Taking.

July- Celebrated friends' birthdays, found basketball as new love, got active on bloggers' events, movies galore!

August- Saw BoyzIIMen's concert, won more movie contests, attended the Entrepreneur's Summit and Blogger Fiesta.

September- my 25th Birthday! :D, more movie screenings, attended the Cosmo Bachelor Bash with Kara, Jeff and I's Tagaytay Trip, won and watched Supafest.

October- Reunited with my HS friends, covered the FMCC event, Baguio Trip with Jeff, Mench and Alvin, tried SM Bowling for the very first time, Belle de Jour Fair, Tron Night, RSB's Lifestyle Expo.

November- covered RWM's Grand Fiesta Launch, found out that I have PCOS and needs to lose weight and start helping myself, went to Enchanted Kingdom with Karch, Jet, Jeff and Les, won Harry Potter tickets :)

December- Reunion with my pretty cousins Len and Ate Obry, won at the Samsung Alter Ego event, reunited with my CCD loves, went to Meralco again but now with Carol, Khamz and Grace, Marketing has a new office, Xzeno's Christmas Party, met his grandma and his grandad, had our Retail Banking Group's Christmas Party at PICC, danced with the RBG Girls, went to Subic, fine dined at Chef's Table with Brent and Nina.

My whole year was quite colorful. I couldn't, for the life of me, have it any other way. Trials might have been and passed, but it was part of the most cherished memories of 2010. Even if I have to repeat it all over again, I probably wouldn't change anything, for it happened for the best.

Now that 2010 is coming to a close and 2011 is just hours away, I am wishing for more happy times, more lovely memories, resolutions of dilemmas, and a start of yet another wonderful year.

So for the people made 2010 wonderful, let us continue to rock 2011. After all, a new year is another chapter for us to write on.

Have a Happy New Year everyone! More luck and love to us all! :D


Happy new year! :)


Happy New Year to you and your family too Cris. :)


Tsk tsk tsk we have to meet more often!
Happy Happy New Year! :D


Yes B, we need to. hahaha. Too much have passed right? and it was a roller coaster ride indeed. Cheers to 2011! :D


Nice shot :)



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