Sunday, August 29, 2010


I have been a firm believer of God. In troubling times and during happy times, even if the situation is that small, I always make sure to offer a prayer. A simple help or thank you wouldn’t hurt anyway.
The tragedy that happened this Monday is gruesome. But this is to show that even though the people of Hong Kong are mourning now, we Filipino people mourn with them too. In my twenty-four years of existence, I have proven that we are compassionate. We all pray for the people who are hurt or sick, even if we do not know them personally. We get sad for those who are in despair, we help, even if we have so little to give. We love, more than anyone could ever imagine.
Our country’s reputation has been tarnished by one countryman who have failed to show what true patriotism really means. But despite what he did, no matter how foolishly he acted, it only serves as a wake-up call for all of us. That we should all treat everyone fairly. That justice is not pure justice if not given due consideration for his actions. But as we see that it is over now, we should just pick up where we left off and try to move forward. Go on with our lives but present humility to those who are hurt and joined our Creator.

Just like a death of a relative or a loss of a love, we will move on. It cannot be entirely this moment, but hope springs to those who seek it. And the future creates new memories for us. It is just for us to make a move. I know, because I have been a survivor of painful times, and it definitely made me stronger, rather than give up what holds for me in later years.

In due time.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Passport Application: DONE!

Done in an hour! :D

Last week, I have finally finished applying for my passport at the Department of Foreign Affairs. And boy, do I commend them for having an organized and speedy service.

But before I went to the DFA (Aseana), located at Macapagal Avenue, just behind S&R Pricemart, I have already scheduled my so-called "interview" weeks ago using All you need to do is browse through their requirements, fill-up the Application Form, look for the date that is convenient for you to process your papers and print the form. Easy right?

Going at the DFA office, lines were already formed as early as 6AM. But since my schedule is at 8:00 AM, they just need your Application Form, verify it (and they have a bar code scanner for it) and you can wait for your turn at the windows. Present the necessary documents, have them check it first, then they'll tell you to proceed at the 2nd floor for the payment, passport picture, fingerprint scanning and signature. Oh and the old passport system requires tedious pictures with blue background and the stuff right? Well, they now have your pictures taken there without the extra cost.

Payment for the passport is P950.00 (processed in 20 days) and P1,200.00 (processed in 10 days). You can also pay P120.00, should you wish for them to deliver it right in front of your doorstep.

And now, I just have to wait for it to be delivered. Hello foreign countries, I shall visit you soon. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Technopreneurs! Join the Third Entrep Summit this August

JCI Manila (Manila Jaycees) hosts the Third Entrep Summit on August 28, 2010. Gates open at 8:00 AM at the Center Stage Cinema, SM Mall of Asia. This year’s theme is “Click, Technopreneurs’ Secrets, Revealed” which features “trailblazing entrepreneurs who have been successful in tech and digital media related endeavors”.

August 19, 2010 – A press conference for the media partners and bloggers were held at the SM Megamall to encourage tech enthusiasts to attend the Entrep Summit to further take technology businesses to the next level. The speakers also aim to support Filipino Entrepreneurs to determine their personal passion, creativity and help them create a more profitable business model. The Entrep Summit also serves as a “gathering of prominent entrepreneurs from different fields who share their experience and life lessons in the hopes of encouraging or inspiring individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations”.

Speakers consist of Lex Ledesma (Proprietor, Whistlestop Restaurant), Jay Fajardo Founder & Former CEO, Airborne Access), Cesar Flores (President, Smartmatic Asia), Abe Olandres (Professional Blogger & Owner, YugaTech), Dustin Andaya (Chairman & Marketing Director, Island Rose), Ibba Bernardo (Founder & President, Mothercode), Nix Nolledo (Co-founder, Chairman & majority shareholder:, Martin Lichauco (Managing Partner, Global Gateway Venture Capital (G2VC)), Paco Sandejas, Ph.D (Managing Director, Narra Venture Capital).

Entrep Summit 2010’s Ticket Price is P1,200.00, available at Ticketnet outlets. Proceeds of the Summit will benefit the “Dare to C.A.R.E” Program for the Smokey Mountain community, as part of JCI Manila’s fundraising and community outreach.

Visit their website at for more details.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Four Months to Us! :D

We turned four months today! :D

We’ve been through a lot this past month. It almost amounted to moving mountains and braving shores. Well, figuratively. But above it all, I learned a lot of things. I learned that keeping my mouth shut isn’t always the answer to avoid disagreements. And that in order for you two to grow, you should have FAITH. It has been a rollercoaster ride, but the downs were worth it somehow. It made us better, it made us move forward. :)

Now I know were better than ever. That when we look back, we’ll just laugh about every disagreement that we fought about. I never thought that a total stranger would mean this much to me. And I’m so glad he did. Every heartache was worth it because it finally led me to him.

I’m so glad I’ve found someone who treats me like a princess every day. Someone consistent of how he really feels for me. The only guy who knows my worth and even thinks I amount more than that. And someone whom I can see my future with, good or bad.

Happy Fourth Month my Baby Jeff! Thanks for the four wonderful months and more. I super love you much!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kung Fu Bustle: IP MAN 2

IP Man 2 portrays the life story of Master IP (Donnie Yen), a Wing Chun master and Bruce Lee’s mentor. As he and his family settled down in Hong Kong, Master IP tried to popularize Wing Chun, a form of martial arts to men who are eager to study the talent.

As the Americans tried to intimidate and put down Chinese Boxing, one of the greatest leaders in martial arts, Hung Jan Nam (Sammo Hung Kam-Bo) challenged Twister, a British boxer to fight with him to honor their tradition. But since they are of a different practice, Hung Jan Nam died in vain while fighting for their art.

Master IP, a true advocate of the Chinese culture, meanwhile challenged Twister and the Americans that he will have to fight him to earn the respect that the martial arts have been trying to empower for centuries, and to take vengeance the loss of one of the great leaders of the martial arts.

Will IP Man triumph over the arrogant Americans? Or will he also be crushed like dirt by the foreigners who came to their land? IP Man 2 previews tomorrow, August 18.

The story of the IP Man was very inspiring for me. I have always been a fan of the Chinese culture and their traditions. The way that they portrayed the old Hong Kong was very remarkable. People have been humble yet they would fight for their art at the same time.

The fight scenes were amazing. The part where Master IP challenged the best leaders of the different forms of martial arts was overwhelming. Imagine fighting on top of the table while achieving balance and talent. Donnie Yen moves graciously during his scenes while looking modest in his dramatic angles.

Four stars for this movie because I believe it needs more emotions from its actors. But of course, it’s a foreign film and they don’t usually have the same hyped up acting as the other countries like us would have. And I think a part three will be shown sometime in the future. Well, I hope so.

Thanks to www.clickthecity .com for scoring premiere night tickets to this movie. Oh and a Wing Chun school presented their martial art before the screening. Should you like to train the martial art, visit to inquire about their training center that will open October this year.

And Its Coming Up Again...

Wish a wish!
My birthday’s coming up in a few days. And while Mench was filling up her 24 wishlist for her 24th birthday this September 29, she insists I do my own too. But I guess I’m starting to grow old. Material things don’t matter to me anymore. I may have been fond with a thing or two, but I guess I’m wishing for the important stuff now.

Mench and I started our novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help two weeks ago. My novena when I was in college, helped me overcome the stress that was happening in school, to lessen my grandmother’s suffering (due to cancer), and find a nice career after I graduate. But this time, I guess there’s only one thing I’m wishing for. That our dilemma will finally be over. That the one thing, which is my sign of assurance, will finally be given to me. And well, that after it, we’d live happily ever after.

Well it also goes with saying that the people around me would finally accept my decision. That what were fighting for isn’t as easy as it seems. In time, I know everything will be fine. I know that these shall all pass.

But just my luck, I’m starting to win in contests again. Last week, I found out that I won an Inception goodie bag so I went to the Makati office with boyfie. Yesterday, the same team emailed me that I won Premiere Tickets to IP Man 2 Movie. It was so nice. And I’m happy that he enjoyed it as well. Seems like I found my lucky charm :D

18 days before my birthday! Quarter-life, I will face you finally! I know you will rock.

Friday, August 13, 2010

All Star Action: The Expendables

It has been long since I've seen an action packed movie and an all star cast, and thankfully, THE EXPENDABLES made it all possible.

Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) is the leader of the "Expendables", a group of mercenaries, hired by a "Mr. Church" (Bruce Willis) to overthrow a dictator of Vilena, a small South American Island. His highly formidable team consists of Yin Yang (Jet Li), Hale Caesar (Terry Crews), Toll Road (Randy Couture), (Dolph Lundgren). As Ross and Lee Christmas (Jason Statham) went to see the said island, they met Sandra (Giselle Itie) , a local who promised never to leave her country even if it is already in peril.

A job that is merely impossible to succeed at, Ross and his team decides to go back and save whatever that's left there. Want some no-BS action movie that's worth your cinema money? The Expendables screens August 13, 2010, Friday.

Like I always say in my reviews, I am never a fan of guns and all that glory. But since it IS Sylvester Stallone and his movie comeback, this I ought to see. Maybe because of the thought that I've only known him as Rambo and well, that's it. I was intrigued because here he is again, doing a movie with a power cast. And I was never disappointed.

The movie did not have any lapses. But of course, its not always about the action, but it makes you wanna leap then and there. Plus the fight scenes are awesome. The explosions were massive and the storyline isn't cheesy nor emotionless.

Five stars for this must-see movie. Super thanks to Azrael and Ms. Sharon Yu of SM Cinemas for the premiere night invites! :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Japanese Love: Suzu Kin

Japanese Find!

As my former boss, Miss Tessa and Miss Rose, another colleague got promoted, the whole department urged them to treat us. And just along Amethyst Street, at the Tycoon Center, a Japanese find is just right for us. Affordable, accessible and neither one of us can really resist something Japanese!

Maki all day

Mench and I enjoyed their California Maki. Well, I've always been a sushi fan and they usually entice me. And it doesn't taste bad. I don't know, but some of the California Maki are "malansa", but I loved Suzu Kin's.

The Lunch Platter

We also tried their best seller, The Lunch Platter, which only costs P123.00. It serves Ebi Tempura, Chicken Furai, Pork Kushiyaki, Takimiyaki, Tuna steak rice and Miso Soup. Its actually great for those who prefers more quantity and an affordable meal.

Marketing peeps turning Japanese...

So if you happen to pass by near Tektite, try this quaint Japanese find, Suzu Kin. Great food, affordable authentic Japanese munch. I know I'll be going back there to try their other cuisine.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Italian Find: Ristorante Bigoli

Bigoli's is Love

When my boyfriend and I were having our usual date, we discovered something unusual, and by far, I found the best pasta/pizza place that's so right for me.

Tour if Italy

As we were both craving for pasta, Ristorante Bigoli's didn't disappoint us on whether what to actually order --- The Tour of Italy (165.00) -- a sampler of Alfredo pasta, Lasagna and Spaghetti is the answer to our pasta dilemma and boy, it was as sumptuous as it looks. I personally enjoyed the Lasagna, while he loved the Alfredo. Topping it with unlimited breadsticks, their Spaghetti is what I've been wishing to taste for days.

Their Tiramisu tastes just like coffee

After munching on their pasta, I ordered their Tiramisu, which suprise, suprise, only costs P55.00. It was a bit bitter but it gets yummier afterwards. I don't know, but its best for coffee lovers like myself.

Oozing with chocolates and caramel

My boyfriend got the Turtle Cheesecake (P80.00) instead. See the caramel they put on top of it? It was heavenly! We were on chocolate, cheesecake and caramel overload. Drinks are also unlimited for only P50.00. He enjoyed their orange juice, while I preferred iced tea, over and over. :)

Unlimited drinks!

They have an ongoing promo, where you can avail of unlimited servings of Pizza for only P199.00 during 10AM-2PM. We wanted to try it but we were so full already. Guess we really have to try that next time we go there. I also wanted to try their Spicy Chicken.

Yep, were definitely coming back. :)

Five stars for Bigoli's, because not only their food are super great for us, but the ambience feels homey and their staff are nice and so accommodating to us. We're definitely going back, no doubt about that.

I just love their counters

Try Ristorante Bigoli located at the 2nd Level of SM North Annex.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Don’t you just love book discounts? I know I do!

Cut-Price Sale is fun! :)
Last week, as my friend, Mench and I were passing by Robinson’s Galleria, a one-month sale from August 1 is in the works. And since I can’t miss the possibility of going to yet another sale event, I headed directly to its National bookstore and lucky me, I spent wisely on another book.
Journey to THREE countries
Eat, Pray Love, written by Elizabeth Gilbert, is a memoir of her travel to Italy, India and Indonesia. It is entitled Eat, Pray and Love because in these three countries, she discovered different cultures, spiritual fulfillment, the taste and the most wonderful feeling in the world, that is, to LOVE. Now I’m so excited to read the book. Oh, and because of National Bookstore, it is now priced at P225.00 instead of its regular price, P285.00. I just had to buy it so I know what to expect during the movie. But anyway, its not gonna be shown until October, so I have a lot of time to finish it first.

But I got the most exciting news of them all…

I can't believe its their 31st year already!

The 31st Manila International Book Fair sails at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia on September 15-19, 2010. They usually fall after my birthday and I’m so ecstatic to attend this one. Last year, I only bought two or three books. So I hope they have an interesting selection this time. And at least now, I’m not going there alone.

For details regarding the Manila International Book Fair, visit their website at See you all there! :)

Books complete my life. I think the first book I read was the one they were selling during my Elementary days where the illustrations and wordings were as big as a child’s fist. And then I met the fairy tales and the princesses when I could read big words already. At Grade 4, I began the Sweet Valley Kids, Twins and the Unicorn Club. I was never a fan of Nancy Drew though, I prefer Archie Comics afterwards.

But now, I am definitely a novel enthusiast. Foreign books may sometimes be hard to understand but knowing their culture makes you feel that you’re also there, residing at their place and just a stone throw away. They are your friends who you know you could count on for a very long time.

So what other books can you recommend me to read that could fill up my library that I will construct in a couple of years? Keep reading everyone.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Multi-Layered Dreams: Inception

I know that this has been a long overdue review, but as the creme de la creme of all 2010 movies, it is only fitting to put my two cents worth here.

Dom Cobb (Leonardo di Caprio) is a special agent that specializes in the extraction of dreams. As skilled as he was, a last job to take him home to his children is his most complicated of all as he should reverse what he is used to doing. Enter Inception, to plant an idea to the subconcious of their mark.

As Saito (Ken Watanabe), a businessman whose fiercest competition has a son who will take over a business empire, hires and prepares them for the job to enter Robert Fischer, Jr.'s (Cillian Murphy) dream. The Plan: Enter Fischer's mind to plant a way for him to destroy his father's company and make Saito rise above them. Cobb assembles his team by hiring talented people. Ariadne (Ellen Page) worked as the Architect, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - the Point Man, Eames (Tom Hardy) working as the Forger and Yusuf (Dileep Rao), the chemist who will provide the sedative to put a multi-layered dream into life.

As their plan progresses, the team went into three layers of dream. But as the last plan was getting foolproof, Cobb's past continued to haunt him, thus, creating a distraction to what they had all built --- someone who Cobb needs to let go so he could live his normal life with his kids and lead his future -- his wife, Mal (Marion Cotillard).

Christopher Nolan made the viewers feel that they are also in the world of Inception. He made everyone keep on guessing if it is still Cobb's dream, or everything about the film is a huge dream scene. Leonardo di Caprio is still in his best. I loved how he was able to make me believe in the scenes on how he loved his wife and kids, and he would do everything just to go back and make everything perfect again. Ariadne was my most favorite character. Not just because she shapes the dreams but she has the closest connection to Cobb. And to Arthur, whom I got so hyped up when they kissed. :P

The visuals were the best part of the movie, especially when Cobb was introducing Inception to Ariadne. I hope I'd be able to watch this in 3D if time permits.

Gave five stars to this movie because it kept me thinking, threw debates with my boyfriend if the scenes are still real or a dream. And next to Titanic, this is the second Leonardo di Caprio's movie that I enjoyed and loved.

Well, this is my subconscious and reality talking. :D

Monday, August 02, 2010

Loving my Pink Baby: Nokia C3

Pink! Sooo Pink!

Its not everyday that I buy something for vanity's sake. But when I found out the Nokia C3 in hot, hot pink hit Manila's shores, I simply had to get one... especially on their one-day sale last July 31, for only P6,290.00 (originally priced at P7,290.00).

Here's the overview of the features from the Nokia Website

Home Screen
- Make it your own by changing the background, theme and icons.
- Get live Facebook and Twitter feeds right on your home screen.
- Keep in touch with friends – simply select their picture to call or send a message.
- Manage your email, chat, calendar and music with dedicated widgets on your home screen.

- Take the web with you – connect to the internet over 2G or Wi-Fi.
- Browse, search, shop and share online with the mobile web browser.
- See web pages clearly on the vivid 2.4" colour display.
- Access a world of information directly from the home screen using the Web Search widget.
- Stay connected to your favourite Ovi services and social networks.
- Let your friends know what you’re up to – update your status easily while on the move.

- Get your message across quickly and easily using the full QWERTY keyboard.
- Check your messages with the dedicated shortcut key.
- Follow the flow of your SMS conversations – text messages appear one after another as the conversation goes back and forth.
- Access up to 10 personal email accounts on your phone – including Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.
- Stay in touch with your friends and family through Ovi Mail – your free email account from Nokia.
- Chat with friends through Windows Messenger™, Yahoo!® Messenger, Google Talk™ and Ovi Chat.

- Make a statement – an assortment of colours and the premium metallic finish give this phone a distinctive look.
- See everything clearly on the 2.4” landscape display.
- Type messages quickly and comfortably using the QWERTY keyboard.
- Use the one-touch shortcut keys to instantly access your contacts and messages.

Photos And Video
- Capture special moments as they happen with the built-in 2 megapixel camera.
- Keep your photos and video clips on the 55 MB internal memory or store even more with up to 8 GB of expandable memory.
- Record video clips on the go and watch them again later.
- Share your photos with those close to you through email, MMS or a wireless Bluetooth connection.
- Upload photos and video clips straight to your social networks or favourite sharing services.

- Find music to match your mood – with the music player your favourite tracks are always with you.
- Download new tracks to your computer and then simply transfer your favourites to your phone.
- Build your music collection and take it with you – your phone supports up to 8 GB of expandable memory.
- Tune in to your favourite music and news programmes on the move with the FM radio.
- Get information on your favourite radio stations directly on the display.

My parents and I went to SM Fairview at 7:00PM. Good thing that the Hot Pink is still available because a friend of mine tried buying at SM North EDSA and was told that it was out of stock already. My Mom wanted the Gold, but it was out of stock at SM Fairview, so she got the Slate Gray instead.

Testing the Facebook

For Facebook and Twitter addicts like me, screen feeds are readily available at the home screen. So if you have a pending request from your friends, or you need to update a status or two, its just as easy as a touch of a button. (But of course, you need to connect to your provider or wi-fi first!)

Now I'm getting to know my new baby. And everytime I use it, I just fall in love some more. I must say that its worth the wait :D And Nokia C3 is beautiful, inside and out. :)


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