Sunday, August 29, 2010

I have been a firm believer of God. In troubling times and during happy times, even if the situation is that small, I always make sure to offer a prayer. A simple help or thank you wouldn’t hurt anyway.
The tragedy that happened this Monday is gruesome. But this is to show that even though the people of Hong Kong are mourning now, we Filipino people mourn with them too. In my twenty-four years of existence, I have proven that we are compassionate. We all pray for the people who are hurt or sick, even if we do not know them personally. We get sad for those who are in despair, we help, even if we have so little to give. We love, more than anyone could ever imagine.
Our country’s reputation has been tarnished by one countryman who have failed to show what true patriotism really means. But despite what he did, no matter how foolishly he acted, it only serves as a wake-up call for all of us. That we should all treat everyone fairly. That justice is not pure justice if not given due consideration for his actions. But as we see that it is over now, we should just pick up where we left off and try to move forward. Go on with our lives but present humility to those who are hurt and joined our Creator.

Just like a death of a relative or a loss of a love, we will move on. It cannot be entirely this moment, but hope springs to those who seek it. And the future creates new memories for us. It is just for us to make a move. I know, because I have been a survivor of painful times, and it definitely made me stronger, rather than give up what holds for me in later years.

In due time.

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