Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Happy Birthday Blogger!’s 11th Birthday was celebrated at the 5th Floor, Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street by Manila Bloggers last night, August 31, 2010. The event was filled with fun, prizes and tips from fellow bloggers who have made it big in their blogging endeavors.

Blogger friends, JC, Ely and Chim

Bloggers Geri and Mel

Aside from meeting fellow bloggers, the event served to network an array of interesting blogs, from entertainment to hobbies and almost everything and anything under the sun. It was the greatest opportunity to meet up people who made it possible for their blogs to gain more readers, businesses and even earn from writing.

Jonel Uy shares his blogging tips

Three speakers were also present in sharing their knowledge about blogging and how they made their online journals popular. Jonel Uy of shares The Four Points of Blogging and how to improve your craft online and offline, Fritz Villafuerte of tossed ideas on how to add readership to your blog and Jomar Hilario of taught us how to make money by blogging.

Lots of food!

Blogger Fiesta was also supported by Krispy Kreme, Greenwich, Geiser Maclang Communications Inc. and Jollibee. We feasted on 18-inch pizzas, glazed donuts, cheese burgers and coffee. Raffle was also drawn for the participants of the event. For the 50 early birds, loot bags were distributed to go home with.

Loots! Woot!

Indeed, Blogger’s 11th Anniversary was a big success. Here’s hoping for more years of blogging and improving our writing skills and more events to come. Happy Blogging everyone! :D


nice! I'm ynggit, i wasnt able to attend. maybe next time eh? Glad to see you guys having fun!


isang masayang event nga ria! salamat sa kulitan! hehehe. un nga lang, mali ung link na nilagay mo sa name ko. kulang ng blogspot. it should be hahaha! By the way thanks! I am yet to post a blog entry about it. Pahiram ng pix ha, hehe.


@Rhi: Okay lang yan. May next time naman.
@Ely: You wrote that on the paper I gave you! Hmmp. :P


geri po not gery hehe. Nice meeting you at the Blogger Fiesta Ria! :D


@Geri: Daming corrections ah! hahaha. Sige, will change now na! :D


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