Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cut-Price Sale is fun! :)
Last week, as my friend, Mench and I were passing by Robinson’s Galleria, a one-month sale from August 1 is in the works. And since I can’t miss the possibility of going to yet another sale event, I headed directly to its National bookstore and lucky me, I spent wisely on another book.
Journey to THREE countries
Eat, Pray Love, written by Elizabeth Gilbert, is a memoir of her travel to Italy, India and Indonesia. It is entitled Eat, Pray and Love because in these three countries, she discovered different cultures, spiritual fulfillment, the taste and the most wonderful feeling in the world, that is, to LOVE. Now I’m so excited to read the book. Oh, and because of National Bookstore, it is now priced at P225.00 instead of its regular price, P285.00. I just had to buy it so I know what to expect during the movie. But anyway, its not gonna be shown until October, so I have a lot of time to finish it first.

But I got the most exciting news of them all…

I can't believe its their 31st year already!

The 31st Manila International Book Fair sails at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia on September 15-19, 2010. They usually fall after my birthday and I’m so ecstatic to attend this one. Last year, I only bought two or three books. So I hope they have an interesting selection this time. And at least now, I’m not going there alone.

For details regarding the Manila International Book Fair, visit their website at See you all there! :)

Books complete my life. I think the first book I read was the one they were selling during my Elementary days where the illustrations and wordings were as big as a child’s fist. And then I met the fairy tales and the princesses when I could read big words already. At Grade 4, I began the Sweet Valley Kids, Twins and the Unicorn Club. I was never a fan of Nancy Drew though, I prefer Archie Comics afterwards.

But now, I am definitely a novel enthusiast. Foreign books may sometimes be hard to understand but knowing their culture makes you feel that you’re also there, residing at their place and just a stone throw away. They are your friends who you know you could count on for a very long time.

So what other books can you recommend me to read that could fill up my library that I will construct in a couple of years? Keep reading everyone.

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