Monday, August 09, 2010

Bigoli's is Love

When my boyfriend and I were having our usual date, we discovered something unusual, and by far, I found the best pasta/pizza place that's so right for me.

Tour if Italy

As we were both craving for pasta, Ristorante Bigoli's didn't disappoint us on whether what to actually order --- The Tour of Italy (165.00) -- a sampler of Alfredo pasta, Lasagna and Spaghetti is the answer to our pasta dilemma and boy, it was as sumptuous as it looks. I personally enjoyed the Lasagna, while he loved the Alfredo. Topping it with unlimited breadsticks, their Spaghetti is what I've been wishing to taste for days.

Their Tiramisu tastes just like coffee

After munching on their pasta, I ordered their Tiramisu, which suprise, suprise, only costs P55.00. It was a bit bitter but it gets yummier afterwards. I don't know, but its best for coffee lovers like myself.

Oozing with chocolates and caramel

My boyfriend got the Turtle Cheesecake (P80.00) instead. See the caramel they put on top of it? It was heavenly! We were on chocolate, cheesecake and caramel overload. Drinks are also unlimited for only P50.00. He enjoyed their orange juice, while I preferred iced tea, over and over. :)

Unlimited drinks!

They have an ongoing promo, where you can avail of unlimited servings of Pizza for only P199.00 during 10AM-2PM. We wanted to try it but we were so full already. Guess we really have to try that next time we go there. I also wanted to try their Spicy Chicken.

Yep, were definitely coming back. :)

Five stars for Bigoli's, because not only their food are super great for us, but the ambience feels homey and their staff are nice and so accommodating to us. We're definitely going back, no doubt about that.

I just love their counters

Try Ristorante Bigoli located at the 2nd Level of SM North Annex.

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