Tuesday, August 17, 2010

IP Man 2 portrays the life story of Master IP (Donnie Yen), a Wing Chun master and Bruce Lee’s mentor. As he and his family settled down in Hong Kong, Master IP tried to popularize Wing Chun, a form of martial arts to men who are eager to study the talent.

As the Americans tried to intimidate and put down Chinese Boxing, one of the greatest leaders in martial arts, Hung Jan Nam (Sammo Hung Kam-Bo) challenged Twister, a British boxer to fight with him to honor their tradition. But since they are of a different practice, Hung Jan Nam died in vain while fighting for their art.

Master IP, a true advocate of the Chinese culture, meanwhile challenged Twister and the Americans that he will have to fight him to earn the respect that the martial arts have been trying to empower for centuries, and to take vengeance the loss of one of the great leaders of the martial arts.

Will IP Man triumph over the arrogant Americans? Or will he also be crushed like dirt by the foreigners who came to their land? IP Man 2 previews tomorrow, August 18.

The story of the IP Man was very inspiring for me. I have always been a fan of the Chinese culture and their traditions. The way that they portrayed the old Hong Kong was very remarkable. People have been humble yet they would fight for their art at the same time.

The fight scenes were amazing. The part where Master IP challenged the best leaders of the different forms of martial arts was overwhelming. Imagine fighting on top of the table while achieving balance and talent. Donnie Yen moves graciously during his scenes while looking modest in his dramatic angles.

Four stars for this movie because I believe it needs more emotions from its actors. But of course, it’s a foreign film and they don’t usually have the same hyped up acting as the other countries like us would have. And I think a part three will be shown sometime in the future. Well, I hope so.

Thanks to www.clickthecity .com for scoring premiere night tickets to this movie. Oh and a Wing Chun school presented their martial art before the screening. Should you like to train the martial art, visit http://www.goldenharvest.com/ to inquire about their training center that will open October this year.


where was it? hmmm... comment missing...nice entry. i'm intrigued.


Watch it! Ang the actions scenes are not that spectacular but the simplicity of the film is believable. :D


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